28-31 Weeks Pregnant


Gorgeous <3 How have you been doing? Is your mood out of the roof? Mine is great 🙂 . I’m just a little bit tired, but that is normal. This is a post combining 4 pregnancy weeks from 28 to 31. I had to stop writing for a while, because we had some challenges to overcome at the store.

How I Feel

Up until week 30 I was feeling very tired, I don’t know if it was the pregnancy or being on my feet for a long time. In weeks 30 and 31 I felt a rush of energy, but maybe the fact that I was sleeping more in several days in the week gave some reflection.

Never mind the tiredness and challenges, I keep holding my positive mindset without putting effort, too! I had a couple of days where my positiveness left me and I was feeling very down, but maybe this is normal, when you have a crisis in your business, there is this cathartic moment and then you look up again afterwards.

We faced some trouble in the store, something we weren’t prepared and had no idea about. We had to solve them on the move. We did it but it was hard!

Physically, I feel good. Sometimes I have some pressure in my pelvis at night, but if I sleep well, all is good on the next day. I think that it’s a result of standing for hours, so I decided not to do it anymore!

What Is New

I thought about getting my chest and hips measured. Wow, I’ve gained about 9 cm on both, I now have a chest and hips 97 cm!!! Sexy mama 😀 . I didn’t measure my waist, I don’t know where that is anymore 🙂 . I’ve gained +4 cm on my thighs and this is not muscle 😀 .


My navel sticks out now, it’s like a button. I’m also tanned in the upper body. My chest and belly are darker than other parts of my body. I don’t know when that happened.


At the end of month 7 and the beginning of month 8 I’ve gained between 9 and 10 kg.

I work out, I even film the pregnancy program. I usually do 4 workouts a week. Sometimes 5, if I’m very busy – just 3. The workouts are short and I can always fit one for 10 minutes, but if I miss to do it in the morning or during the day, I can’t do it at night. I just want to lie down at night 🙂 .

I’m waiting to enter month 8, so I can do the rest of the filming in the pregnancy program. I want to film the workouts for a certain month when I’m in it also.

Steps Taken

I walk minimum of 10 000 steps a day. There are days that I walk less, but there are days that I walk more, so for the week I have the average 10 000 a day.


If it’s not for the stuffed nose and bathroom visits, I can determine my sleep as wonderful. In the beginning of the pregnancy I dreamed a lot, I think I do that now, too, but I don’t remember the dreams. Look at what solution for the stuffed nose I found.

The solution works, the problem is that I change sides and after every change, there are several minutes for my nose to adjust and I can’t sleep in that time.

One time I got a powerful cramp in my calves while sleeping and you should’ve seen how quickly I got up in bed with a crunch. Since the beginning of the second trimester I get up only on my sides when lying down, as it’s the right way to do it.

I made myself an analysis and I noticed I haven’t been taking calcium for 2 days. Sometimes I forget to drink my supplements or remember at night, when you can’t get me out of bed, unless it’s something life-threatening.

For cramps, it’s wonderful the combination of magnesium + calcium, even though doctors say that the calcium has nothing to do with cramps.

I’m not a supporter of supplements and during the pregnancy I add a new one only if it’s necessary. Sadly, I had to take a lot of them, and when I do, there is a huge difference in the way I feel. With supplements I feel so much better.

I started taking calcium when the sensations of cramps and stiffness and I got my first serious cramp on my calves. It was in the beginning of the second trimester. It’s interesting that after 2 days of taking calcium (this was the only thing I changed), the cramps stopped. I started with a small dose of calcium, I always start with the minimum but only if I have to.

I want to write a separate post about the supplements I take, but to be honest, I don’t really want to because they are many 🙁 . And I wish I could go without them.

But if someone has cramps, here is what I take:
Magnesium – 2 capsules (the serving size on the bottle says 3, but with 2 I feel good).
Calcium – I started with 1 capsule, the serving is 3. It has vitamin D but only 1000 IU in a serving so I take only 333 IU vitamin D with the calcium. Vitamin D is very important for assembling the calcium and it’s great that you have in the supplement. I mention it in case you take vitamin D separately, so you can update your weekly serving. Look what I’ve written here for what is important for the calcium do assemble right (in short, magnesium and vitamin D and K2).

I keep track on my vitamin D with medical tests, so I know that there is no need for me to add 15 000 IU a week so it’s in good reference.

In week 31 I started taking Vitamin D separately. Since before the pregnancy I know that I need to take 15 000 IU a week so I can keep up the good levels of vitamin D.

Stretch marks

I don’t have any 🙂 . I put a Mustela liton in the morning and my combination of oils in the evening – Shea, coconut and jojoba, rosehip oil and the pregnancy oil.

What Is The Baby Doing

What is he doing – he is a bully 🙂 ! I take quite the hits! When my Love and I are watching a movie and I’m hugging him, he also gets kicked 🙂 . It’s a good way for the fathers to feel the baby, because I think that when the woman is pregnant, they don’t feel connection to the baby, but with the kicks the things fall right into place 🙂 .


Cheery. I think the Hypnobabies help me a lot in accepting everything that is happening to me. I live in my happy bubble and I don’t let anything and anyone to bother me.

Do I Miss Anything

I miss my mobility.


I haven’t bought anything, just these shoes that spoke to me when I saw them.

A Question

Do you want me to share about the dark side of the pregnancy? In my posts I share mainly the good stuff, I don’t say the dark ones, because a lot of pregnant women read this diary and I don’t want to suggest bad things. It’s mostly said that the pregnancy is something hard and heavy, but that is just part of life. If you want, I can share, but I will use a positive way to say it too, without words that are connected with bad things 🙂 .

My question comes from the fact that I want to inform you on things as they are. I feel that I might sound too sugarcoated, because not everything is super nice. But I think that all pregnant women have to live in a sugarcoated life, so they can neutralize everything they’ve heard about labor until this moment.

I’ve saved you some of the challenges I’ve been through 🙂 .

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  1. Janny 11 February, 2017 at 15:26 Reply

    I’m not pregnant and I never was but I’m really interested in your diary. Nobody tells you much about that time and it’s ups and downs. It’s fascinating. Especially for someone like me who has never experienced it but probably will experience it sometime. It’s good to know what to expect :). So I would really appreciate it if you would tell us more about it’s downs. But I agree that it should not sound too negative. Not that someone doesn’t want it anymore after reading your post.

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