You are a person, not kilograms


Hey, Gorgeous, when do you think about your strong sides? Do you give them an image? What are you? A body that is measured in kilograms? How do you define yourself? As a weight number on the scales? Muscles, abs, cellulite? What are you?

I get daily feedback from a lot of people. We talk mainly about losing weight – we always start from there. I know the stories of so many people, how they gained weight gain, what led to the desire for a change. Thanks to this daily communication I became very understanding. I’ve read amazing weight gain stories, but I’m also surprised by something new every day. Human stories are very rich and surprising.

Many people’s self-esteem depends on how they look. I’ve been on this team and I understand that. When I was young, I wanted to look good. Now I want to be healthy and happy. Over the years, a person changes his values.

In the beginning the workouts are vanity, after a time a necessity, after a while health, and then they evolve in character, aura and radiance.

You can be who you want to be! – I often repeat it, because you just have to imagine what you want and step by step to transform into what you want to be. Even if you have an unattainable ideal, you will touch the ideal with every effort you make. And by ideal I do not mean the physical body.

You are an individual and a person, not kilograms. You are not inches or centimeters and you are not your fat percentage. You are the power you show. You can learn to be strong by training your weaknesses. With training we build character. You can do another repetition only with the power of the spirit, beyond the physical effort. Beyond the fatigue and muscles that refuse to obey. Your spirit is what pushes another push-up.

It’s late on Sunday night. I am writing an article, I have a lot of unanswered emails and several tasks to finish up. I want to lie on the couch with a glass of wine and rest. However, I promised myself that every weekday there will be a new article on the site. And after the article I will answer half of the emails and may be a task or two. I’m doing it for you, Gorgeous! So, please, pull yourself together as I do. I want to build character and this is not done by avoiding the difficulties.

My point was about how we look. Do you judge your friends by how they look? Will you appreciate them more if they were athletic and slim? Will you appreciate them less if they were overweight? For your loved ones, it doesn’t matter how you look, it’s the feeling you give them.

And for people you don’t know, of course, you will check if the abs are flat, if the butt is tight… 😀 We really perceive people by their appearance, after all this is the thing you see and feel at first contact with somebody. And is the first impression really that important? Yes, it is, but no one judges by beauty, but by what they remembered when they first saw you.

Take the actors for example. Keira Knightley, she’s skinny for my understanding, but I like her. Monica Bellucci, she is a bit “juicy” to my understanding, but I like her very much too. Liking is not an appearance, but a feeling. What feelings does this person bring you? We haven’t met live and I still like them 😉

I like Kevin Spacey, he’s not the typical handsome man, but to me he’s beautiful. Liking is not an appearance unless you’re Jason Statham or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Liking is a charisma.


Joke: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had no one to imagine while having sex 😀


You can be charismatic if you show strength and confidence. Come on, leave this chocolate, it’s not a strength exercise to eat it. It is powerful if you leave it uneaten. And you are confident if you don’t tremble while watching it.

Look at weight loss as a health, self-improvement, energy and strength.

The road to the goal will surprise you. You will have more surprises if you go this way longer. People who sprint to lose weight get tired quickly and often they go back to the starting position again.

And if you start nice and easy, you will last longer and you will be further from the start. The further you are from the start, the less desire you will have to go back. It’s hard to go back. You will realize that it only makes sense to make an effort to move forward. When you get tired, stop, rest, enjoy the life around you. You will be in a new place, look around, learn something new. When you gather strength, continue the journey. We have heard the saying that the road is more important than the goal. You will learn many things about yourself as you move toward your self-improvement.

Happy traveling!

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