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Hello, Gorgeous 🙂

Today I will introduce you to Yana, which I believe already has a new swimsuit 🙂 Yes, this is a story about living, real people, not for unicorns, as she says :)) I loved that unicorn stuff :))

As you will see from her story, there was no miracle :))) There has been a step by step change, starting with the ripening of the idea, prioritization … and comes to the point where Yana says she’s never felt so strong and satisfied with the job well done 🙂

Because everything depends on her, and she understood it, she knows what to improve! This is the right way to develop 🙂

We work on building habits, attitudes, and taking care of ourselves. The fact that Yana is in great shape is a manifestation of her power 🙂

Say you are strong and send me an e-mail in just 3 words “I Want Change” 🙂 See what the lifestyle changing program includes :))

Enjoy Yana and her story 🙂


I’ve long wondered what it makes sense to be written here because I have no interest in dealing people with useless information. On the other hand, thinking about it, you realize that everything could look small and not important. In the end, we found ourselves in a vicious circle in which, in general, we definitely don’t feel well. So, where to begin …

Nothing different from many others, thousands of women. A life in which you don’t have time to think about how uncomfortable you feel in your skin. You know it, you feel it with every cell in your body, but there is no time to interrogate, to look at yourself. Tasks overwhelm you with the speed of light: family, work, loved ones who need you …
So until you become clear that you can’t continue this way and not for the sake of it, but because today is only happening once – now, then it’s irrevocably passed forever. The word “forever” is the key.

At a wedding of a relative I saw a girl who had tremendously changed. She wasn’t so close to me to ask her directly, but I learned through a common acquaintance. Of course, like everyone those days, I opened Google and I wrote Rumi Ilieva.

I looked at the site diagonally and decided I didn’t have time for all this. I had to read, cook, and have a little “me” time. This luxury looked like a mirage. I don’t like cooking!!! I don’t like to think what I need for cooking. The people who sit and read recipes for me are people of another breed, from another galaxy. With a word – absurd.

I kept living with the same speed and with the same dissatisfaction.

A few months later, life met me with Rumi on another occasion. Unplanned, at work. And I saw that what she writes and shares is about living, real people, not about unicorns.
I sat down this time in peace, with myself, with the computer and a cup of coffee.
I began to look at testimonies similar to what I write now (so I write it because if I even give a person the opportunity to see their own trap, it will be more than great). Looking at pictures and stories I found a picture of myself.

With the same type of obesity, with the same complaints, time, cooking, etc. and so on, and something got inside of me. I will not lie to you. No miracle happened. No. I didn’t jump and I didn’t rush to follow the menu, neither to cook. I just wrote to Rumi. Then, as you may think, the cycle “I do not have time” was spinning again. I couldn’t reply to Rumi in time, I was traveling, absent, and delayed. I’ve completely found myself in the pathology of the syndrome, “I paid, so now things will happen!”

Well, it’s not working that way! Of course nothing will happen, if I don’t get the lead. I don’t know if I will disappoint you, but – there is no one else to do it for you – NO ONE!
And this is the best part, because I’ve never felt so strong and satisfied with the well done job 
Of course, Rummy helped me the most with these time-limits of hers. I was very annoyed, honestly, but I actually realized that time is up to me and if I want results – it still depends on me. And it’s up to me alone to take time for myself to change something within myself.

So slowly, step by step, with Rumi’s help, I realized what was important to me and how important it was to prioritize it.

Today I’m again with this crazy everyday life. I haven’t moved to a blessed place with enough time for everything. Thanks to God  I cook and I’m glad to have a menu because it turned out to be easier when you have to cook specific things. You don’t waste any time with everyone’s preferences. My family is stuck to the healthy menu simply because they like what I’m cooking.

My husband started to lose weight without having planned and liked it, and he became a fan. The child is in puberty, and the hormones take care for everything, but it makes me happy when she says she’s seen how many calories there are in the chips. It’s important to me that she is informed and she knows.

In general, this is it 🙂

Rumi will take care for everything else. She will write to you, answering all your questions. There were cases in which I ask her one and she answers me differently, and I can’t understand why she doesn’t understand me? Now, as I go back and read my posts, I see that I wouldn’t understand it either because I’m always in a hurry and have no time to read the text before I send it. Thank you, Rumi, for your patience!

And don’t think I’m a “Super Woman” now. I am what I am. The one thing I didn’t do though – training. I work out from time to time and I struggle with it to become my everyday life because it’s really useful. I don’t accept it as a failure because I know – no one is perfect. And you should always have more to work on, shouldn’t you?

Eight months later and over 20 kg less, my menu is my way of life. I instinctively read labels, make an informed decisions, what will I allow myself and what I will have to plan for another time. The things we consume are not so much and one quickly memorizes basic values, and you always have an “App” in a click away.

I don’t unnecessarily constrain myself with forbidden things, because it only makes me fix myself on the false limitation that I can’t afford them. I can afford everything, just after that I take into account the next meals.

In the end, I will share Rumi’s next advice: “I think it’s time for you to buy smaller size swimsuit :)”

Have you seen, Gorgeous, this story is not about unicorns, it’s about people :)) You can 🙂 send me an e-mail in just 3 words “I Want Change” and we start!

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