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What is a normal weight?

The normal weight is the one that does not endanger the health and we feel good with it. It is not the weight that we necessarily like. How we like ourselves and what is the optimal weight to be healthy and prepared for unexpected situations are 2 different things.

I know, from experience, that people want accurate numbers to measure what is normal and to compare themselves to these numbers. Generally speaking, the normal weight is equal to the height in centimeters minus 105-110. For example, for a woman 165 cm tall, the healthy weight is 55-60 kg. Of course, there are exceptions, but in this article I summarize what I most often find from my work with my clients.

It is completely different how we like each other, usually people like themselves most in the equation the height minus 110-115 cm. For a woman 165 cm, this means 50-55 kg.

What do I think we should strive for?

I’d like to specify that weight is a relative thing and a sum of the body’s bones, muscle fat and water. We can weigh 50 kg with a different ratio between the above 4 and look completely different, although in both cases we weigh 50 kg.

The goal is a look / weight that we maintain without doing anything more than eating quality food and exercising regularly.

Most people I work with want to lose 10-20 kg. 10 kg are lost in about 3-4 months, 20 kg in 6 or more months (I use average data, each person takes a different time). People who have lost more than 20 kg can do so by simply paying attention to what they eat and starting regular exercise.

If you are over 15-20 kg overweight, you do not need to pay attention to exactly how much you eat. As the junk food stops, the weight begins to decrease. For less than 10-15 kg of overweight, my personal experience shows that you need to be careful with the quantities. Again, I summarize and there may be exceptions in both directions.

Do 1-5 kg ​​matter for evolution and health?

No, they don’t matter. The point is to overcome the vanity and to accept ourselves with a few kilograms more than we want. I have noticed that this happens after 2-3 years of regular monitoring of what and how much we eat and obsessive training (and I include myself here).

What do a few pounds more mean?

It means that we will not look like a fitness bikini model. However, this condition requires non-stop maintenance and attention, except in cases where it occurs on its own (for unknown reasons).

In the photo at the beginning of the article I am 53.5 kg on the left (2016) and I’m pretty much the same weight on the right (2020) after giving birth to my son almost 4 years ago. I didn’t make an effort for both, it just happened. I weigh less usually in a period when I have no appetite and I eat less. And the opposite – if I gain weight, it’s usually gradually in a period of time when I eat without thinking about quantities, I follow my appetite and hunger.

I don’t binge eating, nor did I stay hungry. I have a rule to eat only when I am hungry. When you practice eating quality food for a long time, your appetite is regulated by itself and if you eat more, it keeps you full for a longer time. So, after a day with more food, the next day I eat less effortlessly. It’s not intentional, I just don’t feel like eating.

Do I like myself with more weight?

Yes, I like myself (with more or less weight) and I’m happy. In fact I’m in my best shape ever. Why? Because I feel that way, I enjoy my life, the maternity, my work. Getting back in shape after giving birth was also not a fixed idea, I said to myself: I will eat and workout regularly, because this is something I love doing, and I intend to do it my whole life. And eventually at some point I will lose the extra weight. So it happened that way.

Why am I writing this article?

I receive a lot of photos and letters from people we worked with 1-2-3-4 years ago who still look for the perfect look and don’t like themselves. To be happy you MUST LIKE YOURSELF AND ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE 🙂

For some people (like me) liking yourself goes through a phase when you see yourself the way you wanted to and realizing that it doesn’t bring you happiness automatically. In other words, achieve your goal and then find a way to maintain the result effortlessly.

All you have to do is eat quality food and exercise. Quality food means that it is not made from other foods – such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, legumes, nuts, fruits, vegetables. With these food sources you can cook as much as you want.

If after 6 months of losing weight you still have to be on a limited diet, then you need to rethink how you take yourself. Yes, there are cases that require 12 or more months of a special meal plan, but that does not mean 12 consecutive months. It means a few months of proper nutrition (during these months there are REGULAR days when you eat to maintain the body weight) and then a few months to keep what you have achieved. The body needs time to get used to the new weight before it can lose weight again.

You need to find the look that you could maintain and keep easily. You can’t think about how much you eat all your life.

It’s all in our heads 🙂 Achieving harmony does not depend on the the centimeters or the the weight or the 6- pack-abs 🙂

We work to build habits, attitude and to love yourself 🙂

Be happy, Gorgeous and love yourself! ❤️


PS Gorgeous, whatever you do, I will support you and I will not point a finger at you and judge you. I will only inform you if you stumble in a direction that is not suitable for you, and you will decide how to proceed further. If you want a sculpted body, I will help you achieve it. I hope this will make you confident in your abilities and you will be happy!

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