What is the connection between our sex life and the fitness?


Gorgeous, WHY should I train train?

Did you know that training improves your sex life? While I was studying at the Sports College for a fitness instructor, one of my Professors told us how the strength training can delay the menopause by 5-10 years. Even then, I thought “Oh, yes, I want to be young longer!” When we use our muscles regularly, they require our endocrine system to produce more androgens (hormones). In women, the androgens are produced by the ovaries and the adrenal glands. The more muscle you have (do not imagine that you have to become a bodybuilder, we are talking about the presence of 1-2 kilograms of muscle and, accordingly, less fat. Look at me, how much muscle mass I have with regular over 10 years of training), the greater stimulation of androgens production you get , ie. your ovaries will function longer!

I have an interesting case with the client, who after 4 weeks on her individual meal plan and training, sent me her new photos and told me: “Rumi, I want to tell you that I feel much more beautiful and my friend began to want me more and we have sex much more often. ” I was shocked, because in 4 weeks there is no visual change in the person, BUT, obviously, the client felt different and she was much more confident. And that obviously had reflected on her relationship. 😊

I will not stop repeating that the regular training increases confidence. I have hundreds of letters with stories in which clients start their dream job, get married (maybe because I teach them to cook ha-ha, joke), start their dream business, etc. And this is only a consequence of training and nutrition.

When we take care of ourselves, we increase our value in our own eyes. When we start to achieve our goals (weight loss, healthy nutrition, getting fit, etc.) we gain confidence that we are capable!

Gorgeous, send this article to someone who does not believe in him/herself and needs a cocktail of motivation 🙂

What miracles have happened to you since you workout regularly?

My miracles: at 45 years YOUNG I like myself very, very much. I also like that my partner likes me a lot 😉 I enjoy motherhood. I have 2 successful businesses. I dealt with demons that I thought would always be with me. I am confident that I will handle everything (probably because I don’t know everything, ha ha)

Let’s train together, Gorgeous!

Your coach,


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