What is positive, what is negative



Two weeks ago, something happened to me that made me very upset. For two days I was very frustrated and couldn’t explain myself how I came to the situation I fell into. I didn’t understand how it happened, but the end result surprised me and threw me into consideration. (It’s all some personal affairs).

There are things in life that I postpone for years. They are not so important, they are not so urgent, I just know I have to finish them, but I never do, because they are something that I think I can do anytime.

And suddenly something happens, something that changes the situation and it is no longer possible to do the things, that we were previously certain of. In two days I mobilized myself and resolved the problem, and the new situation gave me the opportunity to finish the postponed thing for just a few minutes. The thing that started out as a super-negative thing, ended up by solving something, that I postponed for years. And in a much easier and quicker way that I couldn’t have imagined.

Now, is this positive or is this negative?

In the end it looks like I won. However, I had 2 days in which I wasted a lot of emotions. I told the story to several friends and everyone thinks that this is a positive.
I also think this way, but it all started as very frighteningly negative thing 🙂

Question: have you had such situations? What do you think about the experience?

Rumi: I’m glad it happened. After all, things turned out good for me. I can’t explain it, but not everything in life is logical. Often, things that have no logical explanation happen to me. I often dream about situations that happen later, but I can’t tell the difference between normal dreams and prophesies. But I have evidence of such cases.

This summer, I dreamed that a friend of mine would have a baby and I sent her a text message. She told me that this probably will not happen. However, after 4-5 months, she was pregnant and I remembered about the message. The date of the text message, coincided with the baby’s conception period 🙂

I don’t believe in horoscopes and fortune-tellers, but there are things I don’t understand, and I have assumed that I will not seek explanation, because it confuses me when there is no logic. On top of that, I always mistrust people who write/speak similar to the things I shared.

I don’t believe them, but things happen to me and I share them with you 🙂 It is very confusing …

Now, I’ll bring you back to your favorite weight loss theme 🙂

Every day I correspond with many people, and I’ve understood that the most important issue is to lose weight. If not – it’s a drama. It doesn’t matter that for a week the waist is about – 4 cm (it’s a great result for a week), the thighs are – 2 cm (that’s also great for 1 week), the hips are- 2 cm (and that’s a lot for 1 week)… however, the weight is for example – 500 g for a week or even hasn’t changed at all (it may happen). And this is the most desperate, depressing, demotivating, scary thing ever.

If you see someone on the street, do you know how much he/she weighs? I doubt it!

However, you can see that the waist of the person is thinner, the hips are tighter, the butt is smaller ….
What determines the person’s vision – the weight or measures? Of course, the measures.

Is it positive or negative, that kilos haven’t dropped down? In the above case, it’s positive because it doesn’t matter – no one knows how much you weigh. However, people see what you look like, which is determined by the measures, not by the weight.

The kilograms (the weight) are a super inaccurate measure. In the morning you weight less. During the day you eat, drink, retain water and food in your stomach, and in the evening you are heavier. Every day you retain a different amount of water, go to the toilet differently – then how do you expect to be the same weight or even lose weight every day?! Weight loss is considered for a longer period of time, 3-4 weeks.

The weight varies day by day, and if this is the way to keep track of weight loss, you will go crazy 🙂 Especially if you clean the last bit of remaining fat, then the weight is not important at least for 2-3 weeks, even 3-4.
On the other hand, if you have to lose over 15-20 kg, you lose a lot of water at first and the joy is huge, because for a week you can be -3-4-5 kg less. Of course, that isn’t fat, but the joy is great even with no reduced measures. Now, is this positive or negative?

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