37 Weeks Pregnant


Gorgeous, I’m going to the final of my pregnancy (40 full weeks) and I can’t wait to meet the baby 🙂 I gave him a time limit, let’s see if he will listen 🙂 .

And how are you? I hope you’re in a great mood, if not, it’s time to smile 🙂 .

How I Feel

I feel like a walking belly. The baby is like a boxer with a needle! Most of the time he is quite calm. He slightly adjusts his position, which is lovely, because when he moves, I know he is okay.

BUT, when I lie down at night and he starts playing tae bo. It’s not every night, but when he decides he is going to work out, only me dancing is the only thing that stops him. We take turns, he does tae bo, when I get too much of it, I stand up and move my hips right to left or start dancing. He calms down right away.

His other trick is sometimes when I walk and I enjoy the wintry sun, he strikes a needle in my bladder and I freeze and wonder where it came from. So I start moving my hips right there on the street. If you see a walking belly with a booty that is swinging from right to left, that’s me 🙂 .

I guess these things are normal in the end of the pregnancy, but I don’t see how to change them, I just take it in. I want to mumble, I can’t even help it, but I won’t change a thing with murmurs 🙂 .

The good news is that my nose is better from the cold, so I’m left with the slightly stuffed pregnancy nose, which is practically heaven. I can breathe, I tell you!

The other good thing is that everyone around me are happy for me and they pour positive emotions all over me. Family, friends and all of you charge me so much. I get amazing wishes and positive energy every day, THANK YOU! I’ll be glad if this continues after the birth 🙂 .

I thought I had a giant belly in week 17 ha ha ha


It seems like the stopper of the birth canal has started to disappear (all pregnant women will understand me 😀 ) . It’s not fallen, but it’s detaching a bit. At the end of week 37 I went to the doc’s for a fetal monitor check-up and the machine showed I had some contractions (I don’t have a problem saying this word anymore, even though the hypnobabies forbid it, because I connect it with the baby’s arrival, but I will call them waves down below). What followed was a gyno’s check and I have 2 cm cervix dilation!!!!!

Doc said I can give birth the same night, having in mind the waves that the machine checked out. I was skeptical, because I expect to feel something, as I know how well I feel every change in my body. But the hypnobabies state that is possible to start sensing things in a later moment, because I work on being relaxed all the time.

After the exam, I had a rust-colored flow and I decided that was a sign for the beginning. I didn’t sleep good all night, because I was expecting something to happen. I guess that me not being calm also reflected on the baby, because for the first time in the pregnancy, he was active all night and he had such a party, that I actually thought something was happening.

I fell asleep at 6 in the morning and when I woke up everything was calm and with no signal for waves.

Doc asked me to come back for another check up and this time there were no waves.

So, I’m expecting it, even though I know I might be with the 2 cm cervix dilation from month 7 and we couldn’t have known.

This expectation of me giving birth didn’t strike me up mentally and emotionally. So I worked on not waiting for anything, whenever happens, that’s it.


I don’t know, I don’t measure it. I hope I don’t forget before I go to the hospital to measure it. I’m curious how much I will gain for the whole pregnancy, I will share if I measure it.


Ta daaa, I don’t want to work out anymore 🙂 . I lived to say this. I want to rest and save myself. This is my instinct. Physical tension tires me and at night, i can’t wait to lie down and read or watch a movie.

If during the day I’ve been active, if I lie down – that’s it, there is no getting up. I use the people around me for a TV remote “can you pass this… and that”- it’s not typical for me, because I used all opportunities to get out of bed or chair and move.

If I haven’t walked much or worked out, I am not this tired at night and I get up on my own to get a glass of water.

Wow, the tiredness in month 9 is real!

Steps Taken

I have my fitbit wristband again. I walk 5-10 000 steps a day. When I decided I’m not going to walk and lie down more. I like lying down 🙂 .

I do 10 000 steps on some days, not because I want to, but because there is something to be done.


I sleep great. The baby sleeps during the whole night, except that night when I expected to give birth 🙂 .
Well, I get up between 4 and 6 times a night to go to the bathroom, but I fall right back asleep. It’s interesting that every bathroom visit is followed by drinking some water.

Stretch marks

I don’t have any, hurray!
I fanatically rub myself twice a day with lotions.
I use Mustela in the morning.

I use one of the following at night – Shea, coconut and jojoba oil, rosehip oil, pregnancy oil.

My two favourite and most effective oils (shea and rosehip) are together in 1 product and of course, I got it right away. I don’t have to take turns now, and I use it mostly at night. It would have been nice that instead of jojoba, there was coconut oil in that jar so that will be the ultimate product, if you ask me, a product for stretch marks, wrinkles, hydratation, softing and everything good for the skin, for whichever part that is. There oils are suitable for face and for the body.

A question

Did you want to lie down in month 9, if beforehand you were super active and that is not who you really are?


  1. diane dougherty 2 April, 2017 at 03:14 Reply

    I was not really tired in my last month. I was active and worked out during both of them up until the end. I carried small and only gained 15-20 lbs. with each pregnancy. Everyone is different. You have to do what feels right for you. You look ready! Soon! Best Wishes!

  2. Selma 16 June, 2018 at 23:18 Reply

    Congrats for your baby Rumi. I am so happy for you. Lots of blessings shower upon u. When will you show us ur cute aby??

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