36 Weeks Pregnant


Gorgeous <3 I’m entering month 9! How are you? I hope you enter every day with curiosity and to soak in everything life gives to you, not to react, but to observe. I had to be reminded that observing is more efficient than reacting. I mentioned a lot of times that if we can’t change something, we can change our attitude towards it. We can choose to react or not. The best things from this week were that I saw the baby and the baby showeeeer! I’m very enthusiastic, because I haven’t been to such and my party was the best! It charged me so much and I had such a good time that I can’t wait for the next occasion, which is a sharing of bread 40 days after labor (a Bulgarian tradition 🙂 .

I’m waiting for the photos of my baby shower and I will tell you in details how mine went. Have in mind that I’m not a person who likes sugary parties and baby stuff – however I loved it. Maybe now I am a fan of baby things 🙂 . I continue to repeat to myself ‘It’s a boy’ and I smile because of the balloon of a stroller that is in the living room 🙂 .

How Do I Feel

In the beginning of this week I am still under the influence of the stuffed nose and I wait for some time to pass, because only that heals in situations like this. I’m teaching myself of patience. I teach myself not to bother myself with “When will I breathe again” and how to go through everything without complaining. Well, complain a bit to My Love how unpleasant it is and then I tell myself – no complaining, give yourself time, it will pass.

Around the middle of this week (which is the weekend) I started feeling better and not only – I was great for the baby shower. On the next day I took some steps backwards. But the tendency is to get better now, it’s only a matter of time. My throat is all better now. The following things really help a lot:

A strong portion of ginger tea with turmeric (I don’t put much turmeric).
A throat-wash with baking soda.

There is a big cup of ginger tea near me on the desk and I take small sips quite often, it gets my throat on fire and it rises from the ashes again.

At night, every time I have to change the side I sleep on, I sip tea again.
I also have 2 glasses for the throat-wash – one with the soda and the other one is to spit it out.

And that is non-stop. I either take a sip of the tea or have a throat-wash every 5 minutes. It needs dedication and it definitely gives results.

The other throat-wash I do is with marigold tea, you must not swallow it if you’re pregnant! Be careful with herbs during the pregnancy, a lot of them are counter-indicative.

How Big Is The Baby

In the last day of this week I had an ultrasound and we saw the babyyyyy 🙂

4 weeks before the due date the baby is 2.950 kg. I’ve fed him well and I stop tracking my weight, he appears to be growing. The temps he grows slowed down and he is now only 5 days more developed than his actual age, i.e. he can be expected 5 days earlier.

The doc said he expected that to happen, after I stopped the Fraxiparin therapy in week 34, that help for the baby’s feeding. He expects the growth to decrease a bit more and the baby will fall right into statistics.

Of course, this is only in theory.


The spasms in the inguinal fold, but they have been rare this week. Because I stay at home and I don’t go out, so I don’t walk, but lay down more, I noticed there is a connection. The more I rest, the rarer they happen. I’m not sure about the connection, but it’s a fact that there is a significant decrease.

I thought they were from the expansion of my pelvis and maybe they come from there, but as I lay down more, I probably don’t get the muscles overworked and the expansions goes without the symptoms. I’m actually just guessing, I don’t know what it is.


At the end of month 8 and beginning of month 9 I’ve gained about 10-10.5 kg.


At the end of the week I had a workout after 12-13 days of no working out at all. Around 12 minutes of squats, rowing, wall push-ups, shoulder side raises. Also, another 5 more minutes for biceps, triceps and booty. I was stiff on the next day, this hasn’t happened to me in a loooong time.

Steps Taken

I was at home and didn’t really go outside, except short walks to the store or for something urgent if I had to.


According to last week, I have progress. In the beginning of the week, I managed to sleep for 4-5-6 hours a night. In the end, there were nights I slept for 7-8 hours! Long live the nose healing!
I dream a lot, but I don’t remember the dreams.

I forgot to mention that not a long time ago I got a Himalayan salt lamp that lights in orange and that I put in the toilet. It’s on during the whole night with light, orange light that doesn’t wake me up and it helps me fall asleep right after I get to bed. I strongly suggest the Himalayan salt lamps. Except the orange light, there are a bunch of other benefits from them.

Stretch marks

I don’t have any, yes, yes, yes!
I fanatically rub myself with lotions twice a day.
I use the Mustela in the morning.
At night I use one of these – Shea, coconut and jojoba oil, Rose hip oil and the pregnancy oil.

What Is The Baby Doing

We saw that he is still with his head down and looks forward to my belly, and the optimal position for labor is to be faced towards my back. This posture is called Posterior.

I have to start doing exercises for turning the baby in the optimal posture. I hope I stop talking nasally and to film a workout for the optimal position. It’s not very interesting, because every exercise is done between 3 and 5 minutes, but it’s helpful.

I have to stop sleeping on my back, which for me is very comfortable, however it’s not advisory. For the optimal baby pose is good to sleep on the left, but I can’t do that for a whole night. I have to change sides on a maximum 1 hour period, because my arm and shoulder get stiff.

A Question

Do you want a separate post for the benefits of the Himalayan lamp? Does someone else uses one? They are appropriate for night breastfeeding.
Also, what occasions for a party there are after the baby is born 😀 ?

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