35 Weeks Pregnant


Gorgeous <3 How is your mood? :) How have you been? The main thing happening to me is my nose, that I want to cut off 😀

How Do I Feel

Not good because of a silly thing I did. My Love and I went to our usual weekend walk, what if it’s -16C degrees outside. We didn’t walk for long, because I felt as I was freezing and we went into a café to get warm.

However, I didn’t notice that because of my stuffed nose, I had been breathing through the mouth. My nose gets stuffed because of my pregnancy and even though I use oils to release the pressure, it’s still not 100% free, more like 80%. Also, there is no room for my lungs because of the growing baby and when I do any physical movements I get short of breath so I compensate by breathing through my mouth.

Which on -16C degrees didn’t make me feel nice. I got a cold and a fully stuffed nose, and a sore throat. The pregnancy stuffed nose seemed like a dream and like I breathed on 200%.

The nose is a soft spot and it got so stuffed like it hasn’t happened in the past 6 years. Combining a lot of snivels (it was colored, so I called it ‘green little people’), I was out of my game to clean my nose all the time.

I hope I didn’t get a diastase (a separation of the abdominal muscles) from the effort I put blowing my nose. My belly would start hurting from the strain, but I couldn’t stop, because shortly after I could breathe again. I’m stopping with the nagging 🙂 .

I’m mad because I did this to myself, but well – a lesson learnt!

How Big Is The Baby

I don’t know, in a week I have an appointment and I will know. I was on a fetal monitor, everything is in the norm. The baby has a pulse of +130 beats in a minute.


The spasms in the inguinal fold, but they have been rare this week. Because I stay at home and I don’t go out, so I don’t walk, but lay down more, I noticed there is a connection. The more I rest, the rarer they happen. I’m not sure about the connection, but it’s a fact that there is a significant decrease.

I thought they were because of the expansion of my pelvis and maybe they come from there, but as I lay down more, I probably don’t get the muscles overworked and the expansions goes without the symptoms. I’m actually just guessing, I don’t know what it is.


I’ve been tracking my weight carefully because of the loss of appetite. At the end of this week I started getting my old appetite of a dragon back 🙂 . that I used to have before the pregnancy. I.e., I don’t think I eat more when pregnant or it’s just a little bit more than I used to.

I might be gaining a gram or two, but until it’s a sure 1 kg, I don’t count it. Weight is a very inconsistent quantity and now that I track it every day, I get more and more convinced. One day I gained a whole kilogram. In the next 2 days I start losing it and on the 4th day I’ve lost more than the day I started gaining, i.e I’m -1kg more.

I share that with everyone that tracks their weight every day and are not pregnant. If you do it, point it in a graph. Watch the graph for a month. The line that connects it has to have a difference between the beginning and the end, there needs to be a tendency for a decrease. Don’t watch the measurements daily. Watch for a tendency on a monthly basis.


I haven’t done any. I can’t with a stuffed nose. I felt my head pumped, 2 sizes bigger. You don’t work out with a stuffed nose and a risen temperature – this applies for pregnant and non-pregnant women. I didn’t have a fever. I raised such for one night for 4 hours, it got to 37.9 and I didn’t have to take any medicine.

My temperature mysteriously got right when My Love came home and I asked him to caress my back. His touch relaxes me and it has healing powers. An hour later I didn’t have any temperature, crazy thing! This is why I want him there when I go into labor (well, not only for that, someone has to cut the umbilical cord :)) He gives me strength and calms me down. And if he caresses my waist when I need to, that will be great! 🙂

Steps Taken

I haven’t been out all week so I haven’t walked almost at all.


Oooooooh, sleep! The nights were the least desired time. I watched movies, read books and I wondered how not to sleep. I got quite exhausted with 3-4 hours of sleep a night. I wanted to, but with that nose of mine it was impossible.

Stretch marks

I don’t have any, great, I hope that stays this way, because I think they appear quite easy. I have some on my thighs that appear few years ago, that I have no idea why they appeared. Before the pregnancy I never varied in my weight more than 2-3 kg. This is why I think they are easy to appear. It’s very important not only what I use as lotions, but also if I have minerals and vitamins deficit. For example, zinc and vitamin C are important for the skin, as well as many other things. I mention the zinc because a few years ago I found out I have a deficit that is only substituted only if I take zinc daily. This is an occasion for another article, because you have to take copper, too, so you don’t get a copper deficit if the zinc is too much.

I fanatically rub myself with lotions twice a day.
I use the Mustela in the morning.
At night, I use one of these – Shea, coconut and jojoba oil, Rose hip oil and a pregnancy oil.

What Is The Baby Doing

The baby is quite calm, which means that he is kicking without me being in discomfort, he adjust his position and now the lumps he makes are sharp and hard like a foot or a knee 🙂 . I think I exhausted him when blowing and cleaning my nose. The belly tightens when you do that. And the little one just sat quietly. I hope he was okay besides me!

A Question

Are you interested of a program for restoring and closing a diastase? This is a separation of the abdominal muscles, which makes the belly stand out and even after a year of the labor, it still looks like you are 4-5-6 months pregnant?

A few years before the pregnancy I started doing a research why does the diastase happen and how to recover from it. The pregnancy is a way for the diastase to happen, not the cause of it. The causes are a lot before the pregnancy, and the growing belly is what unlocks it.

During my pregnancy I did everything connected with the right posture and I avoided everything I know unlocks the diastase and I’m kind of mad that all this blowing of my nose put that much pressure of my belly. I am hopeful I don’t have a diastase.

If I have it, I will be recovering but I won’t be able to work out like before for a long time. The recovery exercises for the diastase don’t look like a workout, you can even think you’re not doing anything, not until you start connecting with your body and to feel fine movement and activation of muscles you didn’t thought you have.

This is a wide topic and it’s very interesting. It might happen like it did with my Hashimoto, now I say ‘I have the luck to have the Hashimoto’ and to start taking interest in nutrition and a holistic way towards the body, life and the whole world.

Are there ladies with a diastase, let me know 🙂


  1. diane dougherty 15 March, 2017 at 02:11 Reply

    No, diastase but 3 c-sections definitely destroyed my flat belly. I still have a small pooch that I am told will never go away no matter what the diet or exercise..but I have my beautiful children and good health so it is worth the “bump”..good luck on your delivery. You look beautiful ! 🙂

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