32 Weeks Pregnant


Gorgeous <3 Have have you been? I hope everything is great with you and you are facing new challenges with joy 🙂 . I can brag about a bigger belly and the desire to meet with the baby 🙂 .

How I Feel

Pretty well, even with the pregnancy discomfort that I don’t really pay attention to. I can’t change what’s happening to me, but I can change my attitude about it that this is the main thing I focus on.
I keep my spirit in the sky and I’m with a positive mindset.

I think that the everyday hypnosis (the Hypnobabies) is helping me a lot – I do it for an easy, quick and comfortable natural birth. Even though I’m swamped with tasks and there is a lot of things to do in the store, my mood is good and I smile.


Linea Nigra is super dark. My navel sticks out. My nose is stuffed and I make sure to clean it. I get tired more than before and I noticed that the sleep makes the tiredness go away. At night I feel some heaviness in the pelvis and waist, my feet are like in lead. But if I get enough sleep, if I wake up by myself, I’m very fresh in the morning and all is good. Sadly, most of the time I wake up with an alarm so I can keep up with my tasks.

I’m pretty slow. I used to walk up on the stopped escalator and I was faster that the working one. Then I started going up the stairs with the same speed and now I’m slower. I like moving, but slowly. If I get faster, in 10 minutes I start feeling some sort of stretch below my belly. So I enjoy slow walking.

I started snoring when lying back. I’m not really loud, but I do make a sound and this bugs me a lot. I’ve never thought that I will snore!


In the last two weeks I’ve been measuring myself regularly, because my appetite is low. I haven’t gained anything for the last two weeks. On the first day of my next week I will be at the doctor’s office and I can’t wait to see how much the baby weighs and if it’s in the norm.

Food I Cannot Stand

Nothing I do not enjoy.

Food I Love

I eat a lot of oranges, about 3-4-5 per day. Except that I don’t have a good appetite and room in my belly. After eating, I want to lie down, because it makes me feel better. Especially after dinner. I don’t want to go and eat out, because right after I eat, I rush to go to bed. It gets crowded in my belly!


I work out every other day, which is 3-4 times a week. My workouts are smooth, careful and slow. I decreased the weights. From 5 kg dumbbells I went to 3 kg. I only increase them for the back exercises, because I don’t feel anything with 2 dumbbells per 3 kg. The pregnancy program is now ready. I have to describe every workout and give for assembling. We’re thinking about a logo about the program. I will also have a photo shoot, so I have pictures for it 🙂 .

Steps Taken

I gave my fitbit wristband for a renewal, because its wrap came off and it’s swollen like a flooded floor. There are 30 days for a response and I’ve been waiting. I track my steps with my phone, but it tracks it whenever I’m outside, but it doesn’t track the steps I do at home.
I’ve been walking a bit more these days. I do 10 000 steps a day for sure, I often get to 15 000. Having in mind how slow I am, I spend a lot of time walking 🙂 .


I don’t get enough sleep, I would sleep more and there are thoughts crossing my mind that I would want to organize my work so I can work like normal people about 8 hours a day 🙂 . I don’t sleep very well, because of the bathroom visits and changing sides, because my arm and shoulder get stiff, depending on which side I’m on. I have to turn and every turn is connected with readjusting my leg on my pillow.

Separately, my nose has to adjust to the new position, so I can start to breathe normal. And with around 10 waking ups like this I somehow can’t sleep well. I don’t really have the feeling that I don’t get enough sleep, but I realize it’s not the best quality sleep I get, but I can only change my attitude about it 🙂 .

Snoring also wakes me up. As long as I make some noise, I startle of my own snoring and I get mad. When I’m sleepy I don’t think about changing my attitude and so I get mad 🙂 .

Stretch marks

I don’t have any 🙂 . I use my Mustela lotion and a combination of Shea butter, coconut butter and jojoba oil, rose hip oil and the pregnancy oil. I do it in the morning and at night.

What Is The Baby Doing

Wow, the baby has its own party! There are moments that I think he is horizontal and I don’t really feel good. I feel him when he is turning with his head up or down. He loves it when I’m dancing, i.e. spoil him 😀 . When he is horizontal, I get a bump in my love hands, is it a booty, is it a head, I don’t know, but I have a bump in my waist.

He doesn’t like it when I sit on the computer for long, so he starts kicking, I get a lot of it. Then I stand up, move around and dance. He calms down right away.

The baby knows My Love and he doesn’t like noise. My Love can calm him down when kicking hard. There was this night when he didn’t stop moving. He was horizontal, he kicked me everywhere I can think of and I lie down and see how the lumps show and disappear in my belly. I told My Love to come and calm the baby, because obviously I couldn’t make it. He came, put his hands on my belly and said it’s very noisy where he is (we watched a movie and turned the volume up so it’s like we’re in cinema). He gets the volume down and the baby stops moving right away. These two can work it out with a kick or two from now, ha ha ha. I’m so happy about it 😀 .


Happy and positive 😀

Do I Miss Anything

Oh, yes, the flat stomach that I don’t have to always keep in mind of and not knock things down with it. I want to be able to jump and walk fast.

Looking Forward To

The next ultrasound. The pregnancy photo shoot. The baby shower.


Oh, yes, I bought clothes for the baby for leaving the hospital. I stumbled upon a place that sells baby clothes made of organic cotton. I quickly bought some hats, body suits, shirts, baby overalls, a blanket. I didn’t get a lot of those, I only got 2-3 of each, I decided that I will buy some more when I see what is handy.

Something very emotional happened. First, I need to clarify that I don’t really like kids and babies, however this may sound. I get home and I decide to put the clothes I bought on the couch, so My Love can see them when he gets home.

And when I saw the clothes on our couch, something happened and I felt so tender and emotional, I started crying, it was something else I tell you. Baby clothes in the store is one thing. Baby clothes on our couch is a huge emotional moment!


Did you feel tender and start crying when you saw your baby’s leaving the hospital clothes? Or which did surprisingly make you feel that?


  1. Maria 3 February, 2018 at 16:08 Reply

    Dear Rumi!
    I enjoyed working out with your videos a lot, your programs were perfect for me 🙂 Noe I am pregnant with my second baby. Your regulär Workouts are toi challenging for me nie, and also there are many exercises included which I should not do Surfing pregnancy in ordere to prevent a diastasis recti (in fact I still have a small DR from my first pregnancy which I unfortunately was not able to close).
    I just read in your post that you also filmed a pregnancy workout programme- where can I find it? I‘d Love to work out with you during pregnancy!! 🙂

    • Rumi 5 February, 2018 at 10:15 Reply

      Maria congratulations on your pregnancy 🙂 The workouts on my website are not good for you right now. I filmed pregnancy workouts while I was pregnant but I didn’t upload them yet 🙁 I advice you to walk as long as you could every day 🙂 I hope that in some months I will be ready with the pregnancy program, so you could work out with it.

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