27 Weeks Pregnant


Gorgeous <3 6 months have passed of the pregnancy! When did time fly? Not that I haven’t felt them, especially the first trimester, but somehow it went so quick.

How Do I Feel

Good, but with decreasing energy. I still want to lie down and rest. I can’t stay up until late on the computer, because I dream about being in a lying position.

What Is New

I’ve been keeping up with the Hypnobabies course, like I call it. It’s a course for self-hypnosis which teaches you to fall into an awake hypnosis that acts like an anesthesia, you get positive mindset, make a positive bubble in which you don’t let people and words that give you a negative information about the labor, so you can have a lovely natural birth, painless (I won’t use that word anymore, it’s forbidden 🙂 .

For example, the word contractions is not allowed to use as it’s associated with pain. You use pressure waves. Instead pain, you use discomfort. The course is in English and I still search a Bulgarian analogue of some keywords.

It would have been great if there is such course in Bulgarian, because meditating and hypnosis are stronger when done in the native language. I don’t translate it, I let myself understand it in English, but for some keywords I want to find a strong Bulgarian analogue, so I can hold on to them when I need to, like an anchor.

The course is 6 weeks, every week you take turns to listen to 2 hypnoses. Separately, there is an audio file with positive affirmations which is best to listen at night before falling asleep. The hypnoses are different every week, because they teach you one step at a time of the method ‘finger drop’. You lift your index finger of your right arm and when it touches the bed/chair, you close your eyes and mindfully turn off your ‘circuit-breaker’, which is placed on the back of your head.

In the beginning you’re with eyes closed, completely still, every muscle in the body is sleeping and not moving (except those important for survival), they you learn to have anesthesia only from the breast to the middle of the thighs and to be with open eyes.

Then you move forward and you can be in hypnosis and hypnotic anesthesia not only with open eyes, but to be able to walk and talk.

I’m still on the phase of lying completely anesthetic and steel, and from next week I will be learning how to open my eyes for a while. I give myself 10-14 days instead of a week for every part of the course, because I don’t do it daily and I think I have the time (except if the baby surprises us earlier).

The hypnosis takes about 30-35 minutes and is desirable to do it in the morning or during the day. I mostly do it at night and often get to sleep with it 🙂 . But as they say in the course, I probably don’t get to sleep but I go into a deep hypnotic amnesia. The recommendation is even though you think you fall asleep and whatever you think you feel, keep doing the hypnoses as they work.
As a total, you get 60-70 minutes a day that you need to have for the course. 30-35 minutes of hypnosis and 30 minutes of positive affirmations.

I find it quite hard to find an hour every day, but 4-5 days a week I do, in the rest I listen either to the hypnosis or the affirmations, just because I feel so sleepy after the first one, that there isn’t a second one 🙂 .

I also got a quite thick book, in which the techniques for the hypnosis are explained in details. It’s divided to 6 parts, 1 part per week. Except information about the self-hypnosis there is a lot of info about preparing for labor, how to eat during the pregnancy, what exercises to do, information about special websites for special occasions, information how to turn the baby around in the best labor position, a lot of useful information as a whole.

Everything is written in a super positive and with every word you get the feeling that pregnancy and labor are the most natural thing in the world.

Since I’ve been doing the hypnobabies program, I feel I’m smiling more and feeling more positive. It definitely does wonders on me!

If you’re interested, I will tell you more about the course.

How Big Is The Baby

According to a statistics, the baby should be around 1 kilogram, but we passed that last week, so probably the baby is more now.

He kicks a lot and turns and changes his position. It’s not pleasant when he gets across in my belly. I get some bumps on my love handles, is it a head, is a booty 🙂 .


Increasing tiredness, there isn’t the energy from the previous month. My feet and hands get swollen a bit. It’s not obvious for other people, but I feel it. I can’t stand a long time at once, because later I have a feeling for my pelvis and waist. It’s not a pain, but I have a particular feeling for those spots. If I walk and move is okay, but standing on one place, I can’t stand it.

My nose gets stuffed and sometimes that bothers my sleep. It’s interesting, that lying on my back with a bigger pillow unblocks it. I found a safe way for unblocking a stuffed nose.


At the end of month 6, starting month 7m I’ve gained around 7-7.5 kg. It seems a lot to me! It’s interesting that whoever sees me and I tell them how much I’ve gained, they don’t believe me. I have no idea where I’ve gained! I don’t worry about my weight, I track it out of interest once a month.

Food I Cannot Stand

Nothing interesting or weird.

Food I Love

It’s very boring with the food in my case, because I eat as I’m not pregnant. I.e. like I used to. Maybe I don’t eat more than before. I don’t have an enormous appetite, I eat 2-3 times a day. I like it to be this way!


I work out 4-5 times a week. I slow down. Every move is nice and easy. Changing exercises is easy. When getting out of bed I first get assured that I’m not feeling faint and then I move forward to the next exercise.

My workouts are nice and I do them with pleasure. I film almost every workout for the pregnancy program, which will be ready in a few months. The first two trimesters I work out with dumbbells, the same I used to work out with before the pregnancy. The third trimester that I entered this week I will move forward mostly to bands.

The pregnancy program I’m filming is appropriate for:
– complete beginners that have never worked out;
– advanced, for people with some experience with workouts;
– super advanced, for people that work out for years.

For the beginners I film separate programs and it’s better for them to work out 3 times a week.
For advanced and super advanced I film one video where I show an easier and a harder version of the exercise – they should work out 4-5 times a week.
The workouts are 20-35 minutes + 5 minutes of stretching, so for 30-35 minutes you’ll be done with all of it.

Steps Taken


I sleep well. I often wake, but I fall asleep right after. Next week I will tell more about the sleep poses and I’m preparing some photos with the pregnancy pillow (it will be a separate article). I now need more than 5-6 hours of sleep, 7-8 for example.

Stretch Marks

None, hurray! I’ve been fanatically using my lotion in the morning and oils in the evening.

What Is The Baby Doing

A circus! 🙂 He doesn’t stop moving and turning. He waits for me to sit down or lie down and he starts moving around. I now know that if he is bugging me way too much, I get up and start dancing – I move my hips right to left and he falls asleep! He calms down!
He wants to be cuddled from now!


Positive most of the time, but I have my moments of tiredness when the positiveness just leaves me behind.

Do I Miss Anything

Just like before, I miss being without my belly, I don’t know why I can’t get used to it and not bump into things and always have in mind that I am in other dimensions. Sometimes I try to squeeze it in when I have to go through somewhere narrow and I get that I can’t do it. It’s good that I noticed I have a belly 🙂 .

Getting boots off gets harder and harder, especially at night when I’m tired and my feet got swollen.

Looking Forward To

As usual, I’m waiting for the next examination with the ultrasound. There should be some mobile ones, ultrasounds for the home, so I can watch him every night 🙂 .

A Question

Did you want to look at your baby often when you were pregnant?
Or, if you’re not pregnant, what do you think, would you want to look at your baby often (you’ll be able to see you comment here later 🙂 .

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