26 Weeks Pregnant


Gorgeous <3 I thought that I’m entering the third trimester this week , but it turned out to be the next week. My Love and I made an Excel file so we can track which date is in which week and which trimester, otherwise I get confused 🙂 . I also have an app that reminds me.

How Do I Feel

More pregnant and huge, slow, heavy and I want to rest, but there is no such thing… My belly is getting in the way 🙁 .

What Is New

On the first day of this week we saw the baby. He weighs 1 kg already!!! He keeps getting bigger, I think they measure this by his head, which means he has a big head 🙂 .

Doc said that he is positioned low so I have to be careful the way I move – slowly and easy. Not that I can be in a hurry anymore. I keep getting slower.

I left behind the Hypnobabies program for a while. It’s a program for self-hypnosis for an easy and lovely natural birth. I started doing the hypnosis, I will talk about this more next week. I definitely need the positive bubble they talk about in the program.

How Big Is The Baby

Statistically, he has to be around 800 grams, but according to his head he is 1 kg (970 g).


Slow, slow, I’m so slow. At night, my feet get swollen – it’s nothing scary, more of an inner feeling.
One night, I felt my pelvis overworked in a way, I had a feeling about it. It’s like I’m sensing some kind of widening, it’s not a particular pain, but more of a feeling that I’ve never had before.
My belly feels stretched at all times, it gets in the way when I put my shoes on and off.


I will measure it next week so I can see how I’m doing in the end of month 6 and start of month 7.

Food I Cannot Stand

I eat everything.

Food I Love

I eat as if I’m not pregnant. I don’t have any particular appetite, I even wonder how I’m gaining so much.


My favorite thing is to work out, because after 2-3 hours after workout I have absolutely no skin stretching or discomfort. If I stay in one place for long, the skin on my belly stretches. Definitely, for me is better to be constantly moving, but slower. No staying for long in one place, neither sitting, nor standing. Afterwards I have to stretch sometimes.

Steps Taken


Thank God for my pregnancy pillow! I promised to write a separate article for it and what I used to do before getting it. Because it’s not good for the pregnant women to be in certain poses, there is a specific in sleeping, but when I think about it, this applies to all people, but with pregnancy, it’s good to keep that in mind. So, EXPECT 🙂 .

In order to catch up with my work, I set up an alarm and I don’t get enough sleep. I now need more sleep. I used to get 5-6 hours and it was enough, but now I want 7-8. One day of the weekend I woke up without an alarm and I’ve been sleeping for 10 hours!!! This is not typical for me.

Stretch marks

I don’t have any.

What Is The Baby Doing

On the examination we saw that he is upside down. Moving and swimming. He’s so cute 🙂 .

Do I Miss Anything

I want more sleep, to breathe (my nose gets stuffed), to put my shoes with ease and not to feel stretching on different places on my belly.


I bought some boots – a size bigger, an even insole which bends easily. They’re awesome! My shanks stopped hurting from standing in the store!

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