25 Weeks Pregnant


Hello gorgeous <3 How do you feel? Slowly, but steady, there have been some pregnancy changes happening to me!

How Do I Feel

This week I noticed that I started feeling more tiredness from actions that I didn’t used to before. Definitely, without me doing anything, I’ve become slower in everything I do, somehow I slow down without knowing. It’s like I’m in the ocean and walking and other moves are done in the water. You know how we’re slower in water than on the dry land.

At night, my feet are tired and sometimes I can still feel them heavy in the morning. I dream for a foot massage, as well on my shanks. It may rely on the fact that I spend a lot of time standing while in the store and the weight starts to come heavy on me.

My mood is a little underwater. I have a lot of tasks and I wonder how I am going to manage. I try to keep up my previous work rhythm, but I’m starting to get tired and that reflects on my mood. When I’m tired I’m not positive.

What Is New

I keep becoming slower and slower in everything and I don’t have the desire to force myself. I don’t think I should either.

How Big Is The Baby

According to a statistic, the baby is about 750 g, but my sweet Giant is bigger for sure. I am waiting for the examination in 2 weeks to find out.


My feet feel heavier and heavier. I think about changing my shoes with a bigger size, so I feel more spacey. The skin on my belly is stretched like a drum. Getting out of bed is not pleasant. It has to be slowly, giving time to the baby to adjust, because if it happens fast my skin gets so stretched…


I haven’t measured myself. Next week is the end of 6th month and I will get on a scale to see how I start month 7.

Food I Cannot Stand

Nothing interesting here. I don’t pay attention to food. I eat like I’m not pregnant.

Food I Love

Nothing interesting here either.


I am planning the workout plan for the 3rd trimester and I think I should wait to be in the end of month 7 to film it. I feel that this way it will be more real, because I feel to slow down even more and to get more sluggish.

Steps Taken


I don’t want to get away from my pregnancy pillow. It’s awesome! I change positions, hug it, it’s lovely to have it overnight. I keep moving and changing positions. It’s not advisory to sleep on your back, but I can’t help myself. When I sleep on the sides my arms and shoulders go numb and I have to take turns laying on my left side, then on my back and then on the right side. I can’t understand how I get enough sleep with going to the bathroom, changing my positions 6-7 times a night and adjusting the pillow.

Sometimes I sleep in a sitting-lying position, because my nose gets stuffed of the pregnancy. It’s interesting because then I feel best when I’m on my back.

I will write a separate post for the pregnancy pillow, it deserves it!!!

Stretch marks

I don’t have any!

What Is The Baby Doing

Living his life! He kicks a lot! When I’m on my back, my belly stars to blow up. I don’t know if it’s feet or hands.

Do I Miss Anything

I want to breathe like before. My nose gets stuffed a lot and it’s always full. My favorite nasal strips that I used to use before are no longer being sold – they’ve been gone for 2 years now. I haven’t used them in a long time and I had some left, I was living it in a couple of nights.

Looking Forward To

The ultrasound in 2 weeks and to see how big he has become.


I haven’t bought anything.

A question

Did you buy bigger size shoes when you were pregnant? I’m very attracted to the idea, I want to be spacey.

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  1. Irina 3 February, 2017 at 22:34 Reply

    Hi Rumi, I have been exercising using your videos in the 90 day challenge and have to say they are perfect for me and for the results I want!

    You look amazing at 25 weeks and your bump is adorable! Keep up the positive attitude as no matter the changes and difficulties – it is all worth it! Have been there 3 times with 3 of my babies and each day after having them is the true proof to me that no sacrifice is enough for the gift of having them!

    To your question about shoes – yes, I had to go one size up during pregnancy and after having the baby for about 1 year (it was that long to get back to my normal size for shoes with my 2nd and 3rd baby). You won’t go wrong buying 1-2 pairs of shoes to be comfortable right now and after you have your little one 🙂

    Best to you and growing baby!
    Keep posting your progress, it is interesting to read and remember those tummy days 🙂

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