24 Weeks Pregnant


Gorgeous <3 I am starting to feel like a cute seal :) . I’m super fit and strong with clothes on and somehow not that big. When I see myself on the weekly photos I don’t seem this enormous. BUT when I’m in my underwear I feel I am a seal with a tummy 🙂 . The baby is growing every day! It seems like yesterday I could have seen my feet and today I can’t. If I lean forward I can see them, but not when I am standing up. I also cannot see my underwear even if I lean forward, so I have no idea what’s going on there 🙂 . A person is braver when she doesn’t know everything, ho ho ho. I think I want to feel braver and not to know what is going on below my belly 🙂 .

How do I Feel
Great! Even though I start having some signs of tiredness. But I am unstoppable. I work long hours daily (11-12) and I feel tired at the end of the day. If I’m in the store, at some point I want to sit down for a while. As a whole, I feel a change with my resilience 🙂

I discovered I’m Pavlov’s dog 🙂 . A Bulgarian TV show where the dog is a part of 🙂 .

I watch some TV series at night. I have this habit from the time I had insomnia. I came up with a ritual which shows me that the work day is over and it’s time to relax and prepare for sleep. I turn on an episode and it calms me down. With time I started falling asleep while watching.

So, it’s the middle of the day. I decide to lie down for 30 minutes to rest, because I am a responsible pregnant lady that understand she is overworking and that she shouldn’t. I don’t want to sleep at all though. I don’t feel sleepy during the day from the pregnancy.

I lie down, turn on an episode and before the 30th minute I had set passed, Pavlov’s god fell asleep 🙂 .

This only shows how strong habits are and how we can use them as our advantage!

What Is New
The baby keeps kicking hard. I wonder if he turns over because I feel kicks down below. In a few hours, I’d feel it up. Or I feel legs and arms? I call him the Cosmonaut, because (maybe) he turns in zero gravity however he wants 🙂 .

The kicking down below is not always fun. Sometimes it’s hilarious because when I’m sitting and he kicks me reaaaally low, I feel my anus muscles tighten, then my butt tightens and I seem to jump off a little bit from the chair. He kicks and bam, I tighten up and I jump of slightly. Try to tighten and relax your butt while sitting and see how you move up and down 🙂 . It seems funny to me, but it’s always spontaneous and unexpected 🙂 .

How Big Is The Baby
The baby should be 120 grams bigger than last week (according to a statistics, I don’t really know for sure)!!! He eats a lot ha ha ha. He still has a small body and is to be filled with baby chubbiness 🙂 . We joke around that he will be born with tight muscles 🙂 .

Linea nigra is becoming more nigra 🙂 .

I’ve gained around 6.5 kg for 5.5 months pregnancy. I expect to hit 15 kilos in the end, let’s see 🙂 .

Food I Cannot Stand
Food and I are friends, I eat like before being pregnant. 2 big meals a day, 1 small, usually fruits. I don’t know why I have room for 2 big meals and in the first week of the pregnancy I felt like my belly had shrunk and the food would stay in the solar plexus. Now I can eat bigger amounts but after, I definitely feel my skin smaller.

Food I Love
Nothing I want desperately and wish for.

I asked my Love one night if we had some chocolate. I usually get some 70% cocoa chocolate and he has 1-2 pieces a night?!!!!!! Who eats 1-2 pieces? Either have ½-1 or I don’t eat at all 🙂 .And my Love says ‘Nope, there isn’t any, do you want me to go to the store and get you some?’ This happens at 11 PM. I was amused and answered ‘No, this is not a pregnancy desire for chocolate, I can go without.’

So it hasn’t happened to go in the middle of the night to the sore to get food, but it has happened before I was pregnant.

This week I worked out only twice. I had a lot of stuff to do with the store and I spent 2 whole days there. I met a lot of readers, it was amazingly sweet. I had my usual work also. So I worked out less. I haven’t filmed it.

The pregnancy program is now ready for the first and second trimester. I still have to film the program for beginners that I had planned to film in the third trimester, so it’s proper for all levels. Also, the program for beginners is very light and can be used by anyone (as long as you don’t have any health issues). Level 2 and 3 are with the usual harder levels, but with lower intensity and no jumps.

Steps Taken

I sleep less according to me, but I sleep well. Even though I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I still manage to deeply fall asleep.

Stretch Marks
I don’t have any, hurray! I keep rubbing myself fanatically, doing turns with:
Shea and Carite butters
Rose Hip oils
Pregnancy oils

What Is The Baby Doing
Enjoying his life 🙂 . Floating in the orbit. He has a schedule. 40-60 minutes of sleep, 40-60 minutes kicking. When he doesn’t kick, I think he’s sleeping.

Great, still very much positive. I keep myself informed and I try not to overdo it, because as I said, the less you know, the braver you are.

I often get told “sleep now, you won’t have the time later”. Well, why would it be the same with me? It can be any ways, and however it is, there is no need to stress about how bad it will be.

Or ‘rest now, you won’t be able to later’. I hope I can 🙂 . Please, leave me uninformed and relaxed on this topic 🙂 .

Do I Miss Anything
I miss time to enjoy the pregnancy. I am trying to arrange my work and tasks so I will be calm after the birth. So I work more. I gave myself a time where I will slow down the tempo. I want to have an hour long meditations and to set more time to connect with the baby.

For me, the pregnancy is a very strong emotional and spiritual event. Except the external, physical changes, I feel some spiritual and emotional changes I don’t feel the need to talk about. It’s a personal experience I don’t feel the need to share.

I’m surprised how much the baby is giving me. How much stronger and weaker I get. It’s a bit controversial but I don’t have to understand it. I feel it.

I don’t have any idea why I wrote that under ‘Do I Miss Anything’, it is a bit weird, but it just came to me naturally.

Looking Forward To
Baby shower 🙂 . A friend suggested to organize it and I agreed. It’s still early. I guess the best time is in the end of 8th or the beginning of te 9th month and I am just in 5.5 months long.

I haven’t got anything for the baby. Just a new bag, because the last one was giving up life and I didn’t like it. But then again, you need time to walk in the store and get one. And luck, so you don’t walk around for 3 hours when you only have 20 minutes 🙂 . I got that luck 🙂 .

I have a lot of requirements for bags with the primary one that it should fit my notebook and not to look like a notebook bag, but as a normal one.

A Question
When shall I shop for the baby?

I’m thinking for the beginning of 9th month of the pregnancy, but what if he comes out early? Maybe the second half of the 8th month?

I’m thinking of getting more body suits, so I have to change if they get wet and not to do laundry like crazy. And pretty clothes, the ones for going out, to be less?

I want to take more of the things I would need daily,so I wouldn’t stay without and to have to do laundry often. I also don’t worry about not needing things for long time, because when he outgrows them, I will just give everything to other babies.

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