23 Weeks Pregnant


This week I had many meetings, the most interesting with Ines Subashka (Bulgarian fitness instructor) and Natalia Kobilkina (life coach). The baby has a sleeping and kicking rhythm 🙂 .

How do I Feel

Full with energy and in good health. I feel the restrictions from the pregnancy like slower walking, more smooth movements, no drastic moves or rushing. I got used to smoothness, softness and to move like a swan. It’s natural for me to sit or stand up slowly now.

What’s New

I prefer someone else to get my jeans off of me 😀 . I keep forgetting when getting them on and off, to turn my knee on the sides. First I try with the non-pregnant way and when that doesn’t work, I turn my knee on the side and get on it 🙂 .

How Big Is The Baby

Statistically, in week 23 the baby is long over 28 cm and weighs around 500 g. It starts to recognize repeating sounds like the sound of a vacuum cleaner, or if there are animals in the home, barking and meowing. The baby has more clear senses of the mother’s movements. I don’t know if it has any connection, but I feel like dancing a lot and I picture that the baby and I dance together. I pick dances with smoother moves in the hips from right to left.


My nose gets stuffed. It’s no drama for now, because the two nostrils take turns and I can breathe. This started back in week 6-7. I have to clean it a lot of times a day, because it produces massive amounts of hard material, I really can’t believe what’s going on. It’s not the usual stuff, but some hard formations that are not even in the nose, but come from the debts of the eyebrows 🙂 .

Food I Cannot Stand

I am excellent with the food, it’s like I’m not pregnant at all.

Food I Love

Nothing I’m starving for. I eat pumpkin quite often, because it’s in season and I love it very much. Here is a breakfast – roasted pumpkin, lemon juice, cinnamon and walnuts. On the picture, the amount seems small, but it’s in a large bowl, and I often make a second serving. It’s super tasty with the lemon juice. I eat a lot of vitamin A during the pregnancy!


My workouts are great. I keep working on the pregnancy program. I film the same workout in Bulgarian on one day and then in English on another one. I gave strength. I am slower and smoother in the workouts. There isn’t the high intensity from before.

Steps Taken

I count the steps with a fitbit wristband. You can find some info for it on their official website. I don’t think it counts to the beat and I think it adds up some steps. But what’s important is that it does it the same way every day, so I can track the tendency. During the summer, I aimed at 15 000 steps a day. Now I don’t do long walks mainly because I go to the store and I don’t have the time for that. I aim to get there with the subway and I have to walk to and from the station. My new aim is 10-12 000 steps a day. I lowered the aim, because at the moment is impossible to do long walks of 1.5-2 hours, like I used to do in the summer. There is no point to traumatize myself with impossible aims.

I set a goal that gets me slightly out of my comfort zone and makes me make some effort to reach it.
Well, this week I didn’t have the time to make the effort and I have about 9 689 steps a day 🙂 .


I haven’t measured it.


I sleep great, even though not all night but separately, because of the bathroom visits and the turning sides. But afterwards I go to sleep again and I dream every time. I can’t remember the dreams now, but I know that I’ve dreamed a lot.

Stretch marks

Nothing. I keep with the fanatic rubbings. I am opposed to stretch marks and I don’t know if the rubbings help, but we will find out in the end.

What Is The Baby Doing

Baby is kicking, sleeping, kicking, sleeping. He has a cycle of 30-40 minutes of kicking, 30-40 minutes of sleeping. When I am standing up or walking, he usually doesn’t kick a lot, he can even miss the cycle. But from the moment I sit down, the kicking starts. Of course, I have to sit with a straight back. If I’m leaning forward, he starts kicking more, maybe he is out of space or I push over him. I haven’t maintained such a straight back than in the pregnancy.

I watch other pregnant ladies on the street; they all walk with straight backs, like queens. Maybe the baby makes us straight up?


Positive, with melodramatic moments, if I see something sweet (movie, book, people).

We joke about the baby, but then he will be messing with us 🙂 .

Do I Miss Anything

Putting my socks on without saying ‘Oops’ 🙂 . I noticed that when I bend my leg, my thigh presses against my belly and I get uncomfortable and I make an effort that I didn’t used to before. So I say ‘Oops’ 🙂 .

A Question

Did you like someone to dress and undress you? And when did these actions started to challenge you?

Did you also have the need to clear out and put together all your tasks and did you feel that you have the strength to get through worries and blockages?

This necessity came together with the confidence that this will happen with a positive ending and like in every aspect I have to make a step further and level up so I can welcome the Baby challenge.

I feel calm, confident and willing to get rid of any fears. I even tell myself ‘I’m not scared of anything.’

Me and Ines

Me and Natalia Kobilkina

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