22 Weeks Pregnant


Gorgeous <3 in the last day of this week I was at the much anticipated fetal morphology. It’s very interesting, I want to do it a few more times! The baby is rapidly growing 🙂 . Now I am in with a bigger belly. I publish the diary with a bit of delay, because I waited for the baby to grow a little bit and then share it with you.

How do I Feel

Lovely and I hope it stays the same for a long time.

What Is New

I know how the baby will look like!!!
In the center I went to have my fetal morphology done I saw the baby’s profile and it was the same as my Love’s!!! I was speechless. I didn’t expect to see anything specific, but when I saw a negative of a photo his nose, the chin and I couldn’t help it. So small and looks so much to my Love, is this possible?

Also, he will be blonde and curly because of me (I’m a blonde 🙂 and curly) and my Love has been blond up until his second birthday, I have a picture of the baby in my head!

I was blown away for the whole day and I went back to the moment when I saw his profile in my mind. I searched for that particular photo to look at but apparently, they haven’t given me one. It doesn’t matter, it’s imprinted in my mind 🙂 .

How Big Is The Baby

On the fetal morphology, they measured him – 500 grams. He’s a little bit bigger for his age again. They asked me how I want to give birth. I want a natural birth when the time comes. They implied that because of my age (41 years old) and perhaps a small pelvis, and the big baby, I might have to do a C-section.

But I don’t buy that. There are so many unknown things like that the pelvis grows a lot in the final 4 weeks. Then it’s nice to have an internal examination to establish if the pelvis is small or not. Just because I visibly have smaller hips, doesn’t automatically mean that I have a small pelvis for labor, that’s two different things.

I might have to have an emergency C-section though. Whatever happens, I will accept everything there is to happen, so me and the baby to be fine 🙂 . Doc and I agree that when the time comes we will decide how things will happen and we are both prone for natural birth, but if the situations suggest otherwise, we just change the plan 🙂 .

On the fetal morphology you get to see the baby’s EVERYTHING. Organ by organ, we counted every finger on his hands and feet and the interesting thing is that you can actually see all!!! I haven’t watched photos online and I didn’t know what to expect and what needed to be done on the examination. I wanted it to be a surprise 🙂 .

The baby wasn’t really in the optimal position for the examination, so at one point I got up to make some lunges, I danced, so I can make him move, but with no result whatsoever. We did the examination after all, but he could have been in a better position for a better view.

The fetal morphology is a very personal moment, which gets me really emotional, but I don’t want to share more of it. I feel it very intimate, it gets me to turn myself inwards, only for me and the baby, like I have my own world which I don’t need to share 🙂 .


The baby’s kicking really hard and that’s not cool 🙂 . In the last 3 days of this week I thought I had cramps in my belly, low, just above the pubic bone, a super weird place for cramps. But on the fetal morphology you could see that the baby is with the feet pointing downwards and is kicking, he even kicked the ultrasound. So the cramps were actually him kicking 🙂 . My placenta is placed upfront and on the side, it’s nothing to worry about, but just a peculiarity.

I was really surprised that I don’t feel the baby, I definitely thought that I will feel his movements early on, having in mind that I knew from the 6th hour that we’ve made a baby and the super knowing of my body and the amazing sensitivity (I’m very modest 🙂 ) that I have for myself.

A linea nigra showed up. It‘s still pale you can see how it’s forming.

Food I Cannot Stand

I’m friends with food and I eat like I used to before getting pregnant. Nothing specific.

Food I Love

Nothing I want to eat badly or starving for anything.


This week I filmed only once, because I was slightly sick. There were only sick people around me and even though I visualized I had a shield in front of me, I got something at the end. I had a sore throat and my nose was stuffed, but not so much that I couldn’t breathe. It passed for about 4 days and I handled it on foot. I spent only 1 day at home, because from the constant nose cleaning I got some bleeding. I have this since I was little.

When with a cold and often nose cleaning, I get a bleeding. I also have injections with Fraxiparine (anticoagulants), I decided to stay home and clean my nose very carefully, so there would be no bleeding.

In the late afternoon I noticed there was no blood and I felt I was getting back in the game.
I treated myself by staying warm, drink 3 times a day 1 g Vitamin C, fresh ginger tea with turmeric and black pepper. In order to activate the health benefits of the turmeric, you have to combine it with black pepper.

I suggest ginger tea when the first symptoms of a cold. Chop some fresh ginger (or grated) and covered with boiling water, let it stay for 5 minutes and drink on small gulps. I put some turmeric and black pepper in the tea, too. I make 1 liter and drink it for the whole day. The idea is to hold it in my mouth and then swallow on small sips.

Steps Taken

I’m not that excellent on that front. Again, because of the store. Like every time you start something new, the store needs time. It’s supposed to be ready, but there are a lot of things to finish up. (The shop opened on 1st October, but when writing this, we were still in the making of.) On the fitbit website you will find some info for the wristband that I use to track my steps. It’s not absolutely accurate I think. But it’s kind of a reference, because it tracks the same every day. Some of you emailed me about it, so I deliver 🙂 .


I sleep well, even though it’s like not as before. I sleep less. Maybe because I get up at around 5 AM to write. Then I film and I go to the store at the afternoon. Maybe I get up early unconsciously so I can manage to get through all of it. One day I slept for 8.5 hours, I worked a lot the previous day and then I compensated with more sleep in a natural way. I usually sleep around 6-6.5, 7 hour maximum.

Stretch marks

I don’t have any from the pregnancy. I do the rubbings very strictly, even though it’s boring. I have to work on my attitude towards it.

For example, with the injections I put every evening, we were friends in the beginning and I didn’t pay much attention to them, I knew I had to, so I did. Then they started hurting and I started putting them with no desire whatsoever, even though it wasn’t that much painful.

Up until one day I started calling them ‘the cool injections’ and to joke around that I will put one beautiful, cool injection. And now that is a topic for some jokes so I stopped being resistant to them.
I am convinced that with the right attitude, a person can make their life better.

What Is The Baby Doing

Kicking hard and last night he might have turned with the head downwards, because he is kicking me on the top of the belly. I think I feel when he turns, because I get this stretch and the kicking changes places.


I’m cheerful, positive, I surround myself with people I like. I avoid energy vampires and whiny people 🙂 .

A Question
Whoever has gone through fetal morphology, were you mesmerised afterwards?

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