21 Weeks Pregnant


Gorgeous <3, this week passed very quickly and there wasn’t so much of pregnancy news. We were preparing for the shop opening, and my whole mind and energy were focused on that. The opening was on 1st October while I was still keeping this diary a secret 🙂

How do I Feel

Good, in shape. However, I found out that being pregnant has its limits. We were organizing the store day and night but not from my part. After a day of organizing, around 10 PM I’d start feeling like I need to lie down and rest, so I left the crew to finish up. This is news for me. Until now, in a new endeavor I would work practically non-stop, but not now. I feel tiredness from going up and down on a stool all day, so I can organize the higher shelves. I am also slower and being unconsciously protective of myself, this is news for me too. Before the pregnancy, I would jump on the stool and to get down quick and harsh, and now I do everything lightly and control every move. It’s like I’m moving in water. You know how you’re very slow in the water, you can’t run fast – well, this is how I did the shelves, just like I’m in water 🙂 .

How Big Is The Baby

According to Web info : around 27 centimeters, as long as a carrot?! Apparently in the American websites the carrots are longer, because this is not how a Bulgarian carrot looks like 🙂 . Our baby is a bit bigger, so that can be a thicker carrot 🙂 .


Nothing new from the pregnancy.

Food I Cannot Stand

Nothing new here either. There isn’t anything that repels me. I keep avoiding spices in big amounts. I can eat more cinnamon and ginger.

Food I Love

There isn’t anything specific that I want to eat. My appetite is normal, just like before the pregnancy. I don’t eat more. I don’t have hysterical appeals to eat right when I feel hungry, which drove me crazy during the first trimerster and got me wondering what was going on with me?!


I don’t have time (because of the store and my work), so I’ve been following the principle that every workout is better than no workout. I had days with workouts of 5 minutes and 8 minutes. One day I managed to work out a little longer than 20 minutes. I haven’t filmed or worked on sessions for the pregnancy program, I just noted some combinations of exercises that I liked.

I’ve been wondering, shall I film 5 and 8 minute workouts for the pregnancy program? Maybe they will be useful to other people too? I hardly believe it that I’m the only one in a super busy period, it can happen to anyone, right?

I talked about the concept of some workout instead of none while in the shop. I think got 20 people excited for working out 5 minutes a day 🙂 .

Steps Taken

I haven’t walked much this week either, because I had a lot of stuff to do. It’s interesting how a day of organizing the store is 8000 steps!!! I tracked it right before going in and at night when I left. It’s still around 10 000 steps per day.


I haven’t checked it. I guess I’m gaining 🙂 Аt least my breasts are bigger 😀 . My breasts are so beautiful, I love it 🙂 .


I still sleep well and dream a lot. This thing with the dreams is very weird. I started to make sure I don’t drink too much water after 5 PM and I go to the bathroom only two times. But I still wake up a lot and then fall back to sleep and dream. It’s like I’m preparing to sleep at periods. I get up really early without and alarm, about 5 PM, so I can write (emails, meals plans, etc.) and then I go to the store. I only sleep 6 hours and that’s enough for me.

Stretch marks

I don’t have any from the pregnancy. I rub myself with oils and lotions twice a day. Once with a combination of Shea and coconut oil and once with a Mustela cream or Rose hip oil. I hope I don’t get any, because I am prone to stretch marks.

I tried a new oil – Shea and Rose hip oils. I loved it for 2 reasons. First, it’s a combination of the two super effective oils for stretch marks. Second, it’s softer and I don’t have to warm it up in my hands so it’s ready for use like I do with the Shea and coconut oil.

With all this rubbing twice a day, I tend to switch up the products, so I don’t do it because I have to, but because I’m testing different things 🙂 . I definitely will use this one; moreover it’s a faster option, like the Mustela.

What Is The Baby Doing

I have no idea! I still can’t feel him. I am surprised that with my sensitivity I don’t feel movements. I feel moves as a whole action and pulling in some part of my belly from time to time. I read everywhere how good it feels to sense the baby’s movements, but I still don’t have any personal experience. There are even advice that if you don’t feel the baby when you are far gone with the pregnancy, then you should talk with your doctor. But there is time until then.


Very nice, optimistic, cheerful 🙂

Do I Miss Anything

Putting my socks on like I used to 🙂 . Workouts with jumps in it.

Looking Forward To

Seeing the baby 🙂


I haven’t bought anything. I plan to shop in the middle of month 8, I hope that is no too late.


When is best to shop for the baby?


  1. shamika 8 January, 2017 at 06:38 Reply

    Ok, congratulations now i see why there havent been videos!!😀😀. I started on your videos back in 2013 when i had my third child….your workouts made me look better than i had before!!! After i had my last son march 2016 i have lost a little motivation but will again start on your videos again, i love them! Thank you for the videos, blogs, everything!!-

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