20 Weeks Pregnant


Gorgeous, I got to ½ of my pregnancy. It’s almost over 😀

I‘m currently in week 30 and I publish the diary I’ve been keeping whilst being secretly pregnant and couldn’t wait to share this with you, but I waited the baby to grow a bit bigger.

How do I Feel

Great, still very great 🙂 . This week I’ve been feeling that my belly really has grown and with a lot. I’ve compared with pictures from last week, but I can’t find any big difference, nevertheless I feel otherwise.

My mood is very positive, it’s like I have a wall towards everything negative. I visualize that nothing and no one can hurt me, I push away all contaminations, negative thoughts and influences. It’s like I have a shield around me, I sometimes picture it with colors, sometimes it’s invisible and colorless. My visualizations are quite strong 🙂 .

What’s New

Nothing new with the baby. I’ve been pressured with the store opening (we opened on 1/10/2016) and this is mainly what I think about. I still haven’t booked an appointment for fetal morphology, even though I tried in one of the centers and they didn’t pick up?! I texted Doc if it’s normal someone not to pick up for 1.5 hours and he called the owner and came back to me with the info that they were on some conference. Tell me, how can I not like my Doc?

How Big Is The Baby

According to Web info about 25 cm lengthwise (from head to toes) and weights about 300 g, but the baby passed this weight in week 19 (according to another statistics), and for the length, you can’t really measure it, because he doesn’t stand tall. I will follow the statistics, because I don’t really have anything else.


Nothing new. But I keep forgetting to share that my nose gets filled with material very often. I clean it 4-5 times a day, it’s not liquid snivels, in fact, there are no snivels, but is like stiff formations. There is small particles dried blood.

My gums are softer and bigger too, and when I floss them they bleed. Before my pregnancy I could clean them intensively and no blood at all would break out, and now from super light touches they bleed. But I managed to find a hack – I use the floss very gentle and everything is okay.


Food I Cannot Stand

Nothing specific. I don’t like spices in bigger quantities and I avoid them, because sometimes I can eat them, but sometimes I cannot. It’s like I have a heart-burn from spices. It’s nothing very strong or unbearable, just a little bit unpleasant.

Food I Love

Salads with leafy greens and fruits again. But nothing I starve about or I can’t live without. My appetite is the same. I still can’t eat more than I used to before. I have 3 meals, 2 bigger and 1 smaller. There is a difference now that I think about it – I used to have 2 huge meals a day. I think that I eat the same amount of food but divided to 3.

But I can’t really tell if this is true, because I haven’t tracked and counted calories. And in the same time I gain weight and become bigger, maybe I eat more? Or how I say – gain belly weight 🙂 .
I now can skip breakfast and go directly to lunch, in my case I eat a bigger lunch, I definitely compensate for the breakfast. But I feel better with 3 meals according to space in my belly and overall comfort.


This week I trained less, because I went to my home town. My niece turned 7 and I was on a children’s party.


I did workouts to maintain my shape, I did 8-10 minute workouts, just so it’s better than nothing. Any workout is better than none 🙂 . I managed to film 2 workouts of the pregnancy program.



Because of the store opening and going to my home town I’ve walked less. But it’s not like I haven’t walked at all. On the picture below it seems that I’ve walked a lot. This is because my pregnancy weeks are from Wednesday to Tuesday and my fitbit wristband tracks from Sunday to Saturday. I guess that will be noted on the next photo I get.



I haven’t measured myself, so I have no idea, but not only my belly grows bigger, my booty follows 🙂 .


I sleep great. Even though, being in my home town I wasn’t comfortable with the bed that I slept in for the first 19 years of my life. Apparently, there is something different in the sleep positions.

Stretch marks

I don’t have any new of the pregnancy. Only the light white strips I used to have. I fanatically rub myself twice a day with a combination of butters and lotions. One time is with a mix of Shea butter and coconut, the second one with one of the followings: a Mustela cream, Rose hip oil or with a pregnancy butter with all sorts of oils.

What Is The Baby Doing

I can’t feel him yet and Doc promised. I feel him as a whole in some part of my belly, it starts to stretch and I feel pressure, but no movements. So, I don’t know what he’s doing. I guess he’s fine, because when I touch my breasts, they hurt, which is a sign that everything is okay 🙂 .

At least I’m not in pain when I don’t touch them or going down the stairs. I don’t wear a bra yet, just a sports one without stitches and just because I don’t want my nipples to show and not to have people staring at me.

I remember a hilarious moment from the first weeks of the pregnancy. My breasts get bigger, stay round, like fake, and one of the doctors that checked me is looking for bumps and asked me if they were mine. I looked at him surprised, who else’s can they be, and he clarified if they happen to be fake. I took that as a compliment, any pregnant lady needs every type of hint so they can up their self-esteem 🙂 .
I don’t wear a bra and when I talk to men, the poor people wonder how not to look at my breasts. They try to look way, but then, bam, they look down again like hypnotized 😀 . And my breast swing uncontrollable and pointy. Men are under hypnosis ha ha ha.

I got sports bras so I go under a non-hypnotizing look 😀 .


Positive with melodramatic moments when I see something sweet (a movie, a book, people).

Do I Miss Anything

Putting my socks on without saying ‘Oops’ 😀 . I noticed that when I bend my leg, my thigh presses against my belly and I get uncomfortable and I make an effort that I didn’t used to before. So I say ‘Oops’ 🙂 .

Looking Forward To

Fetal morphology and opening the store 🙂 .


I haven’t bought anything new, BUT I’ll be given a pregnancy jacket 🙂 . I shared with my sister and a friend of hers that I need to get a jacket; because I can’t fit in any of mine (there you go with skinny jackets). And her friend said ‘I will give you a pregnancy jacket, I wore it, Annie (my sister) and several other pregnant girls.’ It’s supposed to be fashionable and modern, so I’m waiting to be sent out and I stop wearing my only cardigan, which is like a blanket, and is the only thing that fits me.

It’s lovely to wear a jacket that a lot of pregnant women wore, it sounds like good energy 🙂 .
My friend Kami gave me the skirt she wore during her pregnancy, it’s so comfortable!


Gorgeous, if you have any good advice for me, go for it, so I can prepare 🙂 .

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