18 Weeks Pregnant


The baby is one week bigger now 🙂

How do I Feel

Lovely! It’s like I’m not pregnant at all, excluding the bathroom visits and the feeling of no space in my stomach after eating. #pregnancycliché

How Big Is The Baby

I had a visitation to a doctor this week, and they measured the baby’s head, just like it’s supposed to in week 18.

According to a statistics, the baby needs to be 14 cm long from head to toe, you can’t really measure it, but I like to read about how big it is. It’s interesting for me. 150-200 grams! In this week the genitals form, the nervous system develops and it can hear more.


It’s like I’m not pregnant at all. I have no symptoms. #pregnancycliché in the second trimester 🙂

Food I Cannot Stand

I can’t stand peppers 🙂 And I love them. It happens quite often after an aromatic food I’d feel like they go up from the belly to the stomach and would go out of my throat. This is why I avoid strong spices, onion and peppers. Even though I can eat them, it’s not like in the first trimester that I’d feel sick of the thought of a certain food, but afterwards, I don’t feel good.

Food I Love

I prefer salty over sweet. The salads are now back with a blast and I enjoy them all the time 🙂 One night I felt like eating some sweet and I ate 13 dates (I specifically counted them for this post, not that I count my food). I don’t think anything is different – it has happened that I’d want to eat dates without being pregnant (once in two months).

Unfortunately, I don’t remember to take a photo of what I eat. My pregnancy falls right into a very busy period for me and everything is planned to the minute and I’m in a constant hurry.

Here is one breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs, a little bit of butter and 2 giant nectarines.



I have a lot of strength and energy for working out. However, I work out very carefully and I check for symptoms all the time, which will make me have to stop the workout. I think I’m too careful, a little bit over the top, but I prefer to be careful with my genetic challenges.


I filmed 2 workouts of the pregnancy program. I film it in both Bulgarian and English, so they were already mapped out. I also did one with many different exercises, without repeating, because that is preferred by my readers. BUT, what I didn’t like was that I didn’t feel that I worked out enough. It’s a whole another story when you repeat an exercise a couple of times and then to move onto the next one, the muscles burn 🙂 .

There is another thing, I got my strength back and I have more energy. I first film in Bulgarian and then in English (on different days), the second filming of the same workout was easy, I could have filmed in a third time 🙂 . And I was filming level 3, the hardest one.

The pregnancy program is in 3 levels:

beginners (level 1)
advanced (level 2) and super advanced (level 3) are in one video, as I am doing level 3 and in the same time, there is a window next to me that shows the exercise for advanced.
As a total, I have 4 workouts for the week.



I haven’t measured. My belly grows obviously and it gets bigger and bigger.


I sleep great. I dream a lot. After every bathroom visit, a new dream begins 🙂 .

Stretch marks

There is no change at this front. I rub shea and coconut butter every day, and I have 2 rubbing sessions a day now. One after my morning shower and one before going to bed. The procedure with the butters takes more time than when I use the Mustela cream. When I’m feeling sleepy, I use that one. And in my case, there is the injection, waiting a bit and then rubbing session. And I feel sleepy, every second counts. I always think have the injection before I feel sleepy, but I tell myself that while lying down reading and I don’t want to get up. So, I always barely see when I do that, which kind of wakes me up.


My first rub is with a combination of shea, coconut and jojoba oil. It’s solid in room temperature and every time I have to warm it up in my hands so it softens and it’s convenient to spread on the skin. This is why it takes time. Also, it doesn’t absorb quickly and I walk around naked for some time, because if I get dressed, it will absorb in the clothes. This combination doesn’t smell like oil and rancid.

The second one is with one of the following, depending how much in a hurry I am:

Mustela (fastest option), it’s like a cream.
Rose hip Oil – it’s the most absorbing. Amazing for wrinkles and you can use it on your face and around eyes.

What Is The Baby Doing

I think it’s moving. On the last check-up was lying parallel, with head to the right ovary. Yesterday was around my liver. And today, it may be with the head upwards, as I feel a pressure upwards. I can’t feel specific movements, but apparently I can’t wait for it to happen, because I had a super weird dream last night.

I go to the doctors’ office and my belly starts moving. Arms, legs, they strive to get out and leave prints on. And at once, without any blood and pain, an arm stretches out and the head of the baby comes out. I got really scared, and I’m telling to the doctor ‘look, the baby is coming out, get it back inside, it’s too early’. The little one has no intention of going back though. The doctors aren’t worried. I keep repeating ‘get him back inside, it’s too early!’ I don’t know how the dream ended, I could have gone to the bathroom. But I saw the baby and today I’m smiling when I think of it 🙂 .
It’s interesting that I don’t think too much about this during the day, because my mind is non-stop busy with something else. At night, when I lay down to read, I connect to the baby and maybe that tunes my dreams.


Cheery and optimistic 🙂

Do I Miss Anything

Being able to eat rarely big portions.

Looking Forward To

I have an ultrasound with my Doc next week and I will see the baby <3. I hope he is in a position so we can take a picture of it. I have to set up an appointment for fetal morphology. It can be done in 3 places in Sofia and I haven’t made any research on neither of them. The late fetal morphology is done between 19 and 23 week. I’m thinking it through if I should go to the three places for check-ups, because this is my FAVORITE part of the pregnancy and I can give you some clues where and what I like 🙂 . Shopping

I bought some pregnancy yoga pants. I don’t think it fits for a workout, because there is a belt for the whole belly, which if rolled down presents strange to the back and thighs. But it’s quite comfortable with a T-shirt or a tunic.


I tried some pregnancy clothes in H&M, because I have only 1 pair of jeans and I just change T-shirts. I don’t plan on buying many clothes during my pregnancy, but I’d like to know the options if an event comes up and I need to wear something different than jeans.


I’m having fun in the dressing room

A Question
Which strollers do you like? I want one that can fold like an umbrella. (I publish these posts with a delay, so I have to think for baby stuff now 🙂

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