Victoria’s Change


How are you Gorgeous? Do you feel it? Summer is blooming 🙂 Isn’t it beautiful – colors, sounds and sea 🙂
I know that sometimes searching in the closet for summer-autmn clothes is not a jolly enterprise! But it’s up to us, to change that 🙂
Victoria will change her wardrobe, but with smaller size 🙂
She started alone, without the support of her family, but on the first month she won her husband for her cause 🙂

Fighter! The metamorphosis she achieved for 4 months is impressive 🙂

If you want to get a top shape, eat well, train regularly, send me an e-mail in just 3 words “I Want Change” and we began your metamorphosis. Here you can see a description of the individual program.

I leave you with the Victoria’s story and the good mood of her letter 🙂

I decide to write my story, because I think that at 43, the fight against extra weight is much harder than at 25. And if you find the right person to give you the exact recipe and to be your support, things happen.

I’ve been following Rumi’s site since 2014. But only in 2017, after a series of useless and mentally burdensome regimes (two days of potato, two days of meat and etc.) which of course, I couldn’t finish, I realized I can’t do it myself.

And on a happy day, at the end of September, as the weather cooled down, I took out my winter clothes, and it turned out that I couldn’t get into any of my pants. And then I said to myself: “It’s time for a change!”.

I didn’t share this with anyone – I contacted Rumi and waited for my cooking plan. So, in 20 days I started. First I want to say, that even not for a moment I felt, as if I was on a special menu. I ate the food I loved and cooked like I did before.

Well, of course, I bought a scale and measured my portions. I was making two salads: one for me and one for my husband. I even cooked in two pots at the beginning, while at a certain moment I said to myself, that it’s enough! The family will eat from my food. I just couldn’t stop my husband eating fatty salads and fried foods.

In one month, doubled cooking was off. I found another advantage, as well. On Sundays I did my weekly menu, so when I get home from work, instead of wondering for half an hour, what I’m going to cook, I’m already prepared and this half an hour I was training with Rumi.

As I said exercises – I hated physical activity, but I told myself that I had no right to disappoint anybody and that’s why I want (no, I don’t want, I have to) jump. It took me a month to learn the right technique. So, somehow I went through advanced and then super advanced workouts.

Once again Rumi (as if she was reading my mind), directed me to the next level of workouts, because the ones I had, weren’t difficult to me anymore. Now, every morning I do 15 minutes of aerobics and I feel fresh and energetic! That’s what I say, a person who doesn’t like sports.

And so, it has been 4 months in which, thanks to Rumi, I’ve learned how to eat varied food and lose fat, train myself for pleasure, not because I have to, and at 43 look like a schoolgirl (my husband says so).

The last thing to add – my biggest corrective is my husband. When he understood, what I was doing, he told me that I was throwing money in the wind and I still going to be fat. But when he saw the results, he became my second support (after Rumi) and now he is joking, that he will fall in love with me again, like many years ago.

And now the situation with the summer clothes is repeated, but in the opposite direction (everything is big to me). But that’s good, I’ll have a new clothes 🙂

I’m almost done with the plan. Now, perhaps, the more difficult part remains – keeping the results. But Rumi has given me many valuable tips.

Girls and boys, do not hesitate – with no effort, with the right person next to you – Rumi, you will achieve a stunning results.

Thank you with all my heart, Rumi!

Do you want to look like a schoolgirl, while you eat delicious food and work out at home? Send me an e-mail and we get started! 🙂

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