Vicky’s Success Story


Hey, Gorgeous!❤️

Want to know how to get from the “workouts were a nightmare” to the 6-pack-abs you see on the picture? :))
With perseverance and a strong desire for change Vicky succeeded. 🙂

We often get excited quickly, but if we don’t follow a plan and if we don’t give ourselves time to reach the goal, we can lose motivation quickly.

I am very glad that not just Vicky, but also her family saw and felt the change.
Yes, the changes are not only measurable (on the scale), but also in the delicious food prepared appropriately, the increased energy and strength (15 push-ups, in the beginning Vicki could not do even 1 :), the pain here and there that just vanished, as well as the generous smiles – this is a change that can not be touched, but you can feel it :))

If you want to smile more, write me an email with the words “I want a change” and we’ll start making a plan together. Here you can see what the Individual Program is 🙂

Here is Vicky’s story:

“I’m Vicki, I’m 37 years old. Mother of two wonderful children, working, non-active woman (until a few months ago), eating junk (also until a few months ago). I have never been one of the people who actively play sports. I ‘ve been to folk dance classes, a little fitness, a little running… The spark ignited and then quickly went out. At some point I gained a lot of weight. My job was mostly sitting. I worked more than 8 hours on a desk. I didn’t eat regularly, sometimes because of the children, sometimes because of work, sometimes I was missing meals. I’ve been through a lot of diets and all of them had a yo-yo effect on me.

After the second birth I managed to lose some weight with the 90-days diet and then I reached a weight loss plateau which I couldn’t break through. At one point I even gained more weight. My favorite white jeans and pink dress didn’t fit.

Once again, I decided to browse the net to look for a diet, something to lose weight, but from home. I didn’t like myself, I didn’t feel good in my skin. While searching for another “miracle diet”, Rumi’s website kept popping up. The first day I didn’t really pay attention to it, but the next day it reappeared. This time, I would say I read the changes of all the girls posted on the site. I said to myself – “there is no such thing as coincidence”.

I wrote her an email with the words “I want a change.” Rumi replied the next day and we started active correspondence. While I waited for my personal meal plan, I started training for beginners and followed the protein diet on the website. She created a meal plan that was fully according to my desires for favorite foods. My meal plan was great, but the workouts were a nightmare in the beginning. I could barely breathe at times, but I kept telling myself that I would not give up. In my head and in front of my eyes were all the changed, beautiful girls and Rumi.

My meal plan was not a diet. It was prepared in the right way, I had no restrictions on my favorite foods, I had the freedom to choose. I could’ve made swaps according to Rumi’s recommendations and I strictly followed them.

The change started in the first month. My family saw it in the new way I started to cook. Everyone at home loved the new way of preparing our food. I’m still learning how to eat properly, but now I prefer my food to be live, real. I plan what to cook for the whole family during the week. They also support me and encourage me to continue. From time to time the children do the workouts with me, we have a lot of fun. In the beginning I couldn’t do 1 push-up, and now I do 15.

Rumi explained to me how my body is changing when I was sending photos and measurements. I feel more alive, more energetic now. I’m smiling a lot, the pain in my back and lower back has disappeared.

I feel like a different person now. Relatives and friends who haven’t seen me for some time are impressed by my change.

My battle continues because I still have circumferences to decrease. I still stumble on the pasta and the sweets, but I will deal with this slowly and methodically. I realized that exhausting diets don’t work. Proper nutrition and exercise – that’s the truth.

I hope that my story will inspire at least one person who is hesitant to try, as I was inspired by all the stories and the photos posted on the site. The road is long, but it’s totally worth it. Trust Rumi. She is wonderful, inspiring, patient, supportive. She showed me that I can change both – my body and my mindset.

Thank you, Rumi! Thank you for your efforts, for the positive energy you charge me with!”

And you can too! Send me an email with only 3 words “I want a change” and I’ll show you how :))

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