Vegan Strudel


Gorgeous, I wanted to create a strudel recipe that is appropriate for all people no matter what they eat. For people who follow gluten and dairy free diet, for vegans and of course to be with no added sugar.

This is high fiber dessert which is great for digestion and regular defecation.

The strudel turned out magnificent! It has to dry in the oven, not exactly bake. The preparation is really short, but the baking process is longer.

It tastes like real strudel, ha ha ha, as my family asks “Is this a real strudel or your strudel?”.


1 kg apples, measured clean of seeds
200 g walnuts
50 g coconut flour (if you want to bake the strudel shorter, use 70 g)
1 teaspoon cinnamon, you can add more
1 teaspoon baking powder


In a food processor fitted with an S blade, grind the walnuts to flour. You could like to leave some bigger pieces. Add the apples, set aside some to decorate the strudel on top. Grind until it looks like dough. Add the coconut flour, the cinnamon and baking powder.

If you use 70 g coconut flour, the mixture will be thicker and you can help yourself with a spatula so you mix it well.

Spread thin slices of apple for decoration onto the cake (you can skip this step).


In a butter-coated or covered with baking paper tray, spread the dough. If you use bigger tray, the strudel will be thinner and will bake faster. In preheated oven, bake at 170C (340F) for about 80 minutes. I turned on the fan but it will bake anyway. My tray is 27х17 cm.

Leave the strudel to cool down completely and eat it cold of the fridge (it’s more delicious this way). The pieces hold together quite good for a gluten free dessert. They are a bit crumbly, but if you cut carefully, they will hold.

Approximate nutrition facts according to
7% protein, 57% fat, 36% carbs
Kcal 2043
Protein 40 g
Fat 139 g
Carbs 194 g
Fiber 55 g

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