Tsvety’s Change


Tsvety’s Change

Girls, today I’m inspiring you with this shocking change, the complete metamorphosis of a young lady 🙂 Don’t think everything with Tsveti was peaches and cream 🙂
There were backward steps as well, but obviously they were just a running start for a loooong jump :))

Well, she did it! She decided that she WANT the change, she understood that there were no magic wands and no El Dorado! We have to work hard, yes! Tsvet’s attitude towards the change matured, it didn’t happen right away 🙂 But Tsveti chose for it to happen 🙂

We are all different, that’s why the world is so colorful and interesting 🙂 It takes different time for each of us to achieve the dream body, but the common among all who succeed is that they start! :))

If you want to start your change, take the first little step e-mail me . Just 3 words “I Want Change” and we start working together :)) Here you can see pictures befote and after. This is a description of the individual program.

And now I’m leaving you with Tsveti and the colorful mood that she brings us :))

Hello, Gorgeous! I am 20 years old.
Just like every woman, I’ve always wanted to look good in both clothes and swimming suit.
I’ve done every diet – the last one I’ve tried was the 90-day diet and as people say one is learning from his/her mistake s:)


I’ve known for a long time about Rumi and her site. I’ve made her recipes, but just two years ago I dared to write her about a personal menu.

When she told me that it would include my favorite foods, I couldn’t believe it – you can eat what you love and lose weight?! It sounds awesome, right 🙂

After she sent me the menu, I was starting and stopping several times. I was starting to follow it and then I was giving up. At that moment I didn’t understand that change requires time. It doesn’t come easy. We are not magicians – to snap with fingers and look perfect or everything to be what as we want it to be.

The biggest problem for me were workouts. To tell the truth, I was lazy. I wanted everything to happen quickly. But for two weeks or a month, we can’t expect high achievements, which is why I’ve started eating junk food … and everything started all over again …

And so I reached 92 kg (I’ve never weighed that much).
Until the moment came when I said to myself, that there are two options – to get worse or just to win all this.

I started stubbornly and kept everything strict (weighing on a scale).

I just said to myself – just follow everything, try to last for 3 months. let’s see what happens and everything turned around! As early as the first month, the difference was visible. This fact excited me to do more, and more.

So, I’ve been training for 5 months now and I’m cooking myself delicious meals 🙂

About two times a week I have a glass of wine (I do not always drink, but we are still people) and very rarely a little beer.

I walk at least 8-9 km each day. I don’t miss a moment for a walk:)

I feel much better, I started to love myself and, most importantly, to like myself.

There are no impossible things. Everything that stops us is just excuses and laziness.

Make the change for yourself, for your health, your comfort, to feel good, not for someone else :)))

Are you enthusiastic? 🙂 If you are tired of learning from your mistakes and you want to start a complete change, come on, let’s do it :))

You will only eat the foods you love, training briefly, in the comfort of your home 🙂
E-mail me, Gorgeous with only 3 words “I Want Change” and we get started!

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