Trigger And Buffer Foods


Trigger foods and Buffer foods are both your favorite foods, but they influence you differently.

Buffer food is what makes you follow the healthy eating with ease and joy.

Trigger food is such a food, that unlocks your appetite not only for it, but also for other foods. Trigger food is difficult to control and balance.

As you read down, recognize which of your favorite foods are Buffer and which are Trigger.

I’m giving an example, how it works for me. For me wine is Buffer food (for other people it may be a Trigger). If I drink a glass of wine with my dinner, I feel happy and I don’t need a dessert or a lot of food.

It is important for me to feel happy after dinner. It’s important, not to feel limited. A glass of wine adds luxury to my meal and I’m going to bed satisfied (and luxurious ha ha).

Buffer food is a food, that helps curb cravings.

When you consume Buffer food, you are unlikely to overdo with other foods.

When I have Buffer food for a dinner, I’m going to bed full and happy 🙂

Your aim is to find out which are these Buffer foods for you, and to include as many of them as possible in your everyday menu (more often, not in larger quantities).

I have a friend for whom wine is a Trigger. After drinking a glass of wine, she wants a second, and a third. It gets her appetite up, and she eats more than usual plus a dessert.

For different people, different foods are Buffer and Trigger.

Once you identify what your Trigger foods are – avoid them. Don’t touch them at all.

Keep in mind that Buffer food is also your favorite (it doesn’t have to be broccoli and spinach). Buffer food can be pizza, spaghetti, chocolate. It can be anything. They are such foods, after which you eat a bit and feel good and happy. You don’t feel deprived.

Trigger foods are also your favorite, but you can’t eat a bit of them or they unlock your cravings for other foods. They are like: “I can go without any, but I can’t go with only one” and they make you crave.

I often see how thin people actually eat pizza, pancakes, pretzels and etc. However, observing them for a while, I see that they don’t eat the whole pizza, but only half. They probably eat intuitively, choosing what they love. And because they always choose what they like, they feel happy and don’t need to overdo it.

Pizza is usually considered junk food, but it depends on how it is made. And yes, there are ways to make pizza with quality products and thus contribute to good shape all year round.

Besides, if you have a piece of pizza and you feel happy, following 80% of healthy eating, then you can add a piece of pizza often to your menu, because it’s your Buffer food. Thus you can be in perfect shape, because you don’t crave for other stuff.

When I work with clients the first thing I do is to question them in detail what they like to eat, because I want them to feel like on a feast rather than limited. I don’t like diets of the time when I followed every stupid diet I heard from mouth to mouth (then there was no internet ha!).

The cooking plan I’m preparing for my clients, is such that can be followed for a lifetime. I don’t include sugar and hydrogenated fats in the menus.

If you love pizza, I’ll show you how to make it delicious, filling and beloved Buffer food for you.
Years ago, I didn’t allow my clients to eat chocolate, until I found out that there are two kinds of people. Those who eat 20 g and are happy, and then follow their cooking plan with joy (chocolate is a Buffer food for them). And the second kind, who after trying chocolate, eats it all, and even take a second one (chocolate is a Trigger food for them).

The chocolate alone is not the problem, but our different attitude to it. Be aware of whether it’s Buffer or Trigger food for you.

For the article to be useful, in the reviews, list the foods that make you happy and create comfort to you, and the foods that drag you as an avalanche to eat and drink uncontrollably. Do this short exercise 🙂

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