Training program week 7-2015


Gorgeous, how is the crazinees over you 😀 It’s total, messy and crazy over me 🙂 I wish you a strong week, let the inspiration be with you!

Lately I train in minimalist way. There are days with only 15 minute workout and probably you do longer workouts than me 🙂 I think up the workouts so they could transform from short and intensive to long brutal workouts 🙂

This moment of the year is super busy for me. My head is full of just work – diets, emails by clients and things like these. All this affects my workouts. I write this because I want to tell you it’s normal to have such moments, which we train more and other that we train less.

I have always been honest with you about my workout and my rests. I think it’s important to create realistic expectations not fictional results. I believe that I train to live better! I don’t live do train! I don’t miss a glass of wine for six pack abs 😉

You don’t have to follow my minimalist workouts rhythm. Train as you need at this moment. I.E. do more or less round than me, depending on how you feel. The competition is not between us, it’s between you and you.


Day 1 – strength, no jumps

Level 3List with the exercises

Level 2List with the exercises

Day 2 – strength, with jumps 😉

Level 3 – List with the exercises

Level 2 – List with the exercises

Day 3 – aerobics

Level 3 – List with the exercises

Level 2 – List with the exercises

Day 4 – strength workout

Level 3 – List with the exercises

Level 2 – List with the exercises

Day 5 – endurance

Level 3 – List with the exercises
Do as long of this workout as you want. The combos are alternating are for total body, so you can stop, when you decide.

Level 2 – List with the exercises
Do as long as you can or you want of this workout. You can stop any time.

Day 6 – Yoga of your choice

Day 7 – Yoga of your choice


  1. Rachael 9 February, 2015 at 10:26 Reply

    I totally agree some weeks I feel like superwoman other weeks I do not feel motivated! I also think I have the tendacy to overtrain! I think I really need balance with both diet and fitness thank you for great workouts 🙂

  2. mimi 11 February, 2015 at 09:36 Reply

    Страхотни са тренировките! 🙂 Браво Руми! Продължаваме напред, както стана модерно да казваме напоскедък! 😛 🙂

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