Training program week 23-2015


Gorgeousssss, the summer is coming, OLE! We continue with Rumfit workouts. Point your favorite workouts and train while you are on a vacation. This week we strongly work for our abs, triceps and shoulders. There are more strength than cardio workouts, the previous week was the opposite.

While you do the workouts this week, I film these for the next one just in the order I post them. So, we work out in one and the same way.

Do you want me to add workout with a bottle of water about 10 liters, or 5 or 7? Could you find a bottle? Write down in the comments below, so I will know if I can film this kind of workout. I have some ideas – to throw the bottle, to jump over it and roll it 🙂 Even if you go to a camp, you can take an empty bottle and to full it with water. If it’s sea water, it would be better 😀

For new readers: if you have at least 6 months experience with workouts, you can try these that are posted below. If you are a beginner, I advise you to try the 90 day program first. Start with level 2 and continue with level 3. After you are done with both levels 2 and 3 of the 90 day challenge, try the Rumfit workouts. Read why Rumfit is not appropriate for beginners. The list with all Rumfit WODs.

If you want to tone or to burn fat, you don’t only have to work out, but also to eat the right amount of food for you. If you are confused with the food, you can try to count calories.

I remind you to follow the sequence of the workouts but take which 2-3 days rest, you want. For example Wednesday and Sunday. Or Tuesday and Thursday or which days you can’t work out 🙂

The plan for this week:

At the Rumfit WODs I show the easier version of the exercises, but the workouts are filmed in the harder version (level 3). If you have at least 3-4 months training experience, you can do the workouts below, but let your emphasis be on the proper form, not the speed you do the exercises with. OR do which one of the programs you want that are posted for 21 weeks before.

Day 1

RumFit WOD 6: Emily – detailed description – 13+9 minute

Day 2

RumFit WOD 7: Vasilena – detailed description – 18+8 minutes

Day 3

RumFit WOD 8: Vera – detailed description – 9 minutes – 1 round

Day 4

RumFit WOD 9: Michelle – detailed description – 27+8 minutes

Day 5

RumFit WOD 10: Nelissima – detailed description – 10+8 minutes

Day 6 and 7

Rest day or yoga of your choice.


  1. Nadia 1 June, 2015 at 12:01 Reply

    I can’t see a comments section under the Emily workout so leaving a comment here instead 😊.

    Thanks for another great workout! It’s a great balance between upper and lower body. Same time as you for the first part. Part 2, used 5kg and 8 kg for the rows, and 14kg kb for the swings, and went slower as I’m not as strong as you (yet!) Loved the plank jumps!

    Personally, I probably wouldn’t use a huge water bottle but if i could substitute a kettlebell instead I’d definitely do that. I’d also consider buying a medicine ball as they look like fun! When I travel I’m happy to stick with body weight workouts.

  2. Mimi 4 June, 2015 at 07:20 Reply

    I’m sorry, but where is there a list of all the equipment that you use in your 90 day challenge Level 2?

    I’m hideously out of shape and am trying to work up to Level 2. *sighs* But I’d like to know all the equipment you use before I get there.

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