Training program week 20-2015


Gorgeous, we start the week super sweatyyyyy 🙂 Honestly, I wanted to modify the first workout while doing it, BUT because of you, I didn’t do it.

I challenge you this week NOT to eat deserts. Try to exchange them with fruits. A week without chocolate, cookies, muffins and whatever sweet you usually eat. The challenge is for anybody who can’t live without sweet.

If you already are not addicted of the sweet, eat it whenever you want. The goal of the challenge is to make you not addicted. Daily I write to sweet-addicted people. It’s really scary! This is the new drug. It’s OK to eat anything, also chocolate and cake. BUT it’s not OK to be addicted and to shake and think just about it. Write in the comment how you handle it and if you need help. It could be something like the group of the anonymous chocoholics 🙂

I was sugar-chocolate-holic and I handle it when I stopped eating sweet. I was strong and get over the abstinence. I needed really long time and now I am clean 😀

The rest days just for example yoga days and are in the end of the week. You can take 2 days rest when you need. Also, if you need more rests, take more rests.

If you want to see visible results in the mirror, you have to combine both regular workouts and eating the right amount of food for you.

Day 1

Level 3List with the exercises

Level 2List with the exercises

Day 2

Level 3List with the exercises

Level 2List with the exercises

Day 3

Level 3List with the exercises

Level 2List with the exercises

Day 4

Level 3List with the exercises

Level 2List with the exercises

Day 5

Level 3List with the exercises

Level 2List with the exercises

Day 6

Rest day or do yoga of your choice.

Day 7

Rest day or do yoga of your choice.


  1. Katerina Naumova 11 May, 2015 at 10:12 Reply

    Hi Rumi,
    I totally agree on what you say about „candy addiction“. I did a three weeks challenge a few years ago and it was very hard for me. I discovered that certain sweets have way to much sugar and I shouldn’t eat them at all and it also became easier for me to control my sugar cravings.
    I eat deserts but I always check how much sugar they contain. I don’t even like a lot of them anymore because they are too sweet for me. I like eating dark chocolate and some types of ice cream.
    It is also very important to make your own deserts. I used to use honey but now I use dates as a sweetener. I also eat sweet potatoes with cinnamon, ginger, cherub and cocoa and it tastes very much like chocolate – at least to me 🙂
    I’ll do the challenge but since it is my birthday on Sunday I’ll definitely eat dark chocolate or ice cream then 😉

    • Rumi 11 May, 2015 at 10:15 Reply

      My opnion is that desserts must be home made, so you control the ingredients and sugar. I prefer dates too, because the are not only sweet, but also contain vitamins, minerals abd fiber. Happy celabration 🙂

  2. rose marie 11 May, 2015 at 11:13 Reply

    Sugar is poison! It’s hard to get rid of it…I have started not to add sugar in my tea or coffe latte…I have started in November last year…and we are in May…well…I am still not satisfied with the taste..but I keep going even though I am not a fan of it….lol… I guess it’s because I still use some Stevia…in my yogurt…and… in my first coffe in the morning…I just can’t help it..then, the rest of the hot drinks ( tea or coffee ), it’s without Stevia…I probably should get rid of it totally… Even though Stevia is not bad for your doesn’t help to get rid of the sweet addiction! It’s hard specially when you have a sweet tooth like me. I like to have dark chocolate, 85% cacao of Lindt at night… not every night but almost….
    I have started a ketogenic diet with coconut oil in priority for oil. Apparently, it should help with sweet cravings…I started a month ago…so, I cannot say anything yet…but It helps feeling more satiated longer. My macros are : fat : 70% – Protein : 20% – carbs: 10% and a total of 1770 cal/day…my maintenance weight…I do love starchy carbs and miss them…:( I don’t know what to do…what do you think Rumi of Ketogenic diet? I read that it helps getting rid of fat and it’s good for gaining some muscle…well…I doubt without carbs… What is your macros Rumi? do you have a cheat meal from time to time… ? I would love to have a coach for nutrition…but don’t know who asking? any advice? do you offer nutrition coaching ? Thank you. Romy

    • Rumi 11 May, 2015 at 11:23 Reply

      You are making steps forward, this is what matters. Gradually you will ged rid of stevia too. I eat mostly carbs diet. 60-70 carbs, 30% protein and 10% fat. My carbs are from fruit, beans, rice, quinoa, buckweat, potatoes. Don’t be afraid of carbs if you tolarate them. I have 2 meals – beans with salad, 1-2-3 fruits. For dinner fish/eggs with salad, rice/potato/sour dough bread. I also have 1-2 vegan days per week. My fat is from food. The only fat e I add is olive oil because I like the taste of the salad, but I measure it with spoon (1). I like to eat whole food and olive/coconut oil are not whole foods, they are extracts. But I use them in salads or when I rarely make desserts. There is no one approuch for every body. I eat this way because I like it and because I have some health challenges and my blood work has improved since I lower protein and fat. Try different eating protocols and chose what you like and you can maintain it fo life.

  3. Romy 11 May, 2015 at 14:17 Reply

    Thank you Rumi for your time in replying me!! I do appreciate it! You sre right it is a matter of trying different approach and see how our body reacts. For now, I am enjoying part of the ketogenic diet, as far as fat is concerned. I eat good fat, coconut oil ( for cooking and baking ), olive oil in salad, salmon, sardines, avocados, almonds, walnuts, cheese ( just in the morning), heavy cream in my coffee…. But I miss grains in general, specially breads!!!!!! I will incorporate carbs little by little again in order to have a balance diet. I am not fat… I am 165 cm tall and 56 kg… But 19,6% fat. I would like to decrease the fat and gain more muscle even if my weight goes up. Anyways, i enjoy your workouts! They make me sweat a lot! I always choose the level 3 ! I sometimes behind you… I stop the video to catch you up… And play again! Lol thank you for all these amazing workouts you provide us Rumi! Have a lovely week! Summer is around the corner!!!

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