Train to the max with the possible maximum


What does it mean to give the maximum of yourself? Is it possible to always give more of ourselves? What is the maximum?

I have my own definition of the maximum I give of myself and it helps me every day. How I feel and what I am capable of are different things every day. One day I can work 10 hours and then I’m tired, another day I can work 12 hours and I have the strength to cook and do many other things. In both cases, I have done the best I can. I call this THE POSSIBLE maximum. The definition of the maximum in principle does not interest me, because I live in the moment, not in principle.

The topic, in my opinion, is very important, because from my work with my clients I see that there is a desire to do the maximum all the time. Every day to surpass the previous one and if we deal with less things today, it leads to dissatisfaction.

The possible maximum is the maximum you are capable of at the moment . Let’s see the workouts for example. I know that have a maximum which is very high in general, but to train to the maximum I am generally capable of, would be unreasonable. It will lead to exhaustion, I may hurt myself and after the workout, I would probably feel bad.

If I train according to the possible maximum according to my current condition – it would bring me satisfaction, I won’t be exhausted and I would feel refreshed after training.

The possible maximum is the maximum according to the situation . Sometimes it can be a 30 minutes workout, sometimes – only 4. Try my weekly workouts I post on Tuesday, and you will see that even 10 minutes can make you feel so well trained. If you have time and power that day, do 2 – 3 rounds and you have a 20/30 minutes workout. It’s all depending on the maximum you are capable of that day.

I will give another example. Insomnia just kills me. During a day after not having enough sleep my energy is much less. I have no strength and I usually eat more on that day. My workout on a day with 4 hours of sleep is weaker than training on a day I’ve slept 7-8 hours. I feel completely different. Mothers of young children are often sleep deprived. If you haven’t had enough sleep, I would say to workout as much as you can without getting exhausted. Regular insomnia + workouts to the maximum could lead to deteriorating health.

My observation shows that after the period we train to be slim and be in shape, comes the period we train just to feel good. The maximum possible gives us this feeling of satisfaction . Let see two versions of a super busy day with lots of tasks and just 10 minutes of training:

According to the maximum we are capable of in general this would mean ” Only 10 minutes of training”, it feels like we didn’t do anything at all, failure, dissatisfaction.

According to the possible maximum it would mean ” I did 10 minute workout, despite all my other tasks today” – I feel good that I found time to workout. I’m a superwoman 😊
Distinguish the laziness and the possible maximum and stop beating on yourself up! You are doing great!

What is your possible maximum today? 😊

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