Total Body Until Failure Workout 18 Min


Guys, todays workout is short because it is easy to hit failure. Usually I don’t do reps until failure because I need time to recover and if I want bigger workout volume I need to rest and this makes workout longer. I prefer circuit workouts in which until I work out legs, chest is resting. This saves me time and I am able to make more reps or bigger workout volume.

Do each exercise until you can’t do more reps (until failure). Then modify to easier version and again hit failure. Some exercises don’t have easier version you can drop weight to make more reps.

1. (Weighted) squat step left-right
2. (Weighted) single leg Romanian dead lift
3. Push ups
4. Rows
5. Dive bomber
6. Torso twist+leg raise

Don’t eat up your workout! You can’t burn food with exercise. If you want lean body, you have to decrease the amount of food. Food quality is also important.

I always get this question: how many calories burn my workouts? My expectation is about 100 calories for 10 minute of intense exercise.

Tell me your reps fot this workout 🙂

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