Total Body Strength Training and Abs Workout 10 Minute Full Body Toning Level 2


Gorgeous, another workout from 90 day exercise challenge. There is a harder verssion of this workout.

Reminder: Literaly look at your food – you can’t burn food with execise. Actually workouts burn few calories.

No rest innterval training
10 intervals 30/30, 2 rounds, 10 minutes

1. Push up – 1 regular, 1 from knees
2. High lunge, light jump and go down, up without jump LEFT leg
3. Elbows and knees: reach up LEFT leg
4. Sit and LEFT leg lifted. On right foot and left palm , twist left, touch down. This exercise is harder if you sit, respectively it is easier if butt is liffted off the ground.
5. Like 2. RIGHT leg
6. Like 3. RIGHT leg
7. Like 4. RIGHT leg
8. Supermen flatturs, arms W
9. Renegade row LEFT arm
10. Renegade row RIGHT arm

Which exercise do you like?

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