Total Body Strength and Cardio Home Workout 20 Minute Interval Training Level 3


This workout is part of the 90 day challenge. If you enter this site for the first time, read about the challenge and after that start to train with us, but from the beginning with day 1. The workouts get harder every other day.

If this workout is very challenging for you, try the easier version.

10 combos
Do each combo 6 intervals 10/10, 2 minutes no rest.
Stretch after each combo.

Combo 1 – Aerobics
1. Upright clap jump
2. Clap burpee + hands clap behind
3. Raise knees jump + opposite hand clap

Combo 2 – Abs
1. Single leg scissors + butt lift
2. Scissors + crunch at the same time
3. Back bend (wheel)

Combo 3 – Thighs and butt
1. Sumo squat (with dumbbells)
2. Plie squat (with dumbbells)
3. Squat (with dumbbells)

Combo 4 – Back thigh and butt
1. Single leg hip thrust on chair LEFT
2. Single leg hip thrust on chair RIGHT
3. Both leg on the chair – knees out

Combo 5 – Chest and shoulders
1. Push up LEFT arm forward
2. Push up RIGHT arm forward
3. Wide push up

Combo 6 – Aerobics, butt and thighs
1. Bend down + heel touch + single leg jump + other hand – heel touch LEFT
2. Like 1. RIGHT leg
3. Upright jump + opposite heel touch

Combo 7 – Left side of the back
1. Renegade row
2. Row supinated grip
3. Row

Combo 8 – Thighs and shoulders
1. Squat + Arnold press
2. Squat + side raise
3. Thrusters

Combo 9 – like 7 – Right side

Combo 10
1. Crunch run xo xo xo 🙂
2. Upright knee smash
3. Bear push up

Which combo did you like the most?


  1. Katerina Naumova 10 December, 2014 at 11:41 Reply

    The first combo was a killer but very fun and I also liked combo 6 and 8. In combo 6 I didn’t have much trouble with balance, and I’m happy about that 🙂 I also did pretty good in combo 8, I pushed through and really felt the burn. My back is a little sore today, I used a pair of 4 kg weights for combo 7 and 9.

    Thanks Rumi 🙂

      • Yajaira** 17 January, 2015 at 20:42 Reply

        Thank you! I gave birth to triplets 6 months ago. I’m looking to lose 5 pounds and then I would like to maintain my weight. I was working out 6 days a week before my pregnancy. These days, I was working out with other people out there, but I got tired.. One of them you have to pay a monthly membership and the other one, I find that it’s more of the same every day. I like variation on my routines. Thankfully, I found you and I like your dinamic and your weekly variations. One question, I was reading and read that you like to work out on a fasting mode… After your workouts, when do you eat? Do you wait one or two hours, or do you eat as soon as you finish your routine? Currently, I’m working out fasting. (I do the 12 to 14 fasting mode). I workout on an empty stomach and I eat after one hour. What do you think?

        • Rumi 17 January, 2015 at 21:46 Reply

          I aet immediately after the workout because I am hungry after 15-16 hour fast. I eat ony if I am hungry and this is the only rule I follow. Also I eat only things I want and I don’t eat because I have to.

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