Total Body Isometric Workout And Stretching Exercises 21 Minute Home Training Level 3


This workout is easy, but I was all sweat in the end. Kind of rest workout. Isometric exercises are different and I have different light muscle soreness.

If you want to join us and work out regularly start with level 2 from the 90 day challenge. If you are advanced start with level 3 of the challenge or the weekly programs that I publish.

This workout has an easier version.

If you want, do 3 rounds.
Interval training 42 intervals 20/10, 10 seconds is the rest interval

IMPORTANT: while you hold in certain position, ALL THE TIME try to reach more and correct, because when you are tired you start to relax. The goal is to reach more, if you can.

1. Hold pull over. In the end, put the dumbbells on the floor not over the head, it’s safety precaution.
2. Chituranga
3. Hold boat
4. Hold raised LEFT leg
5. Hold LEFT arm row
6. Hold raised RIGHT leg
7. Hold RIGHT arm row
8. LEFT arm side plank – raise RIGHT
9. RIGHT arm side plank – raise LEFT
10. Squat LEFT + arm windmill
11. Squat RIGHT + air compression
12. Plie hold
13. Plank flexed LEFT leg hold
14. Plank flexed RIGHT leg hold
15. LEFT leg hip thrust hold
16. LEFT leg Pigeon hold LEFT knee to face
17. RIGHT leg hip thrust hold
18. RIGHT leg Pigeon hold RIGHT knee to face
19. Hold raised torso
20. Seated diagonal forward
21. Like 20. to the other side

Do you like this kind of workouts?
I love them. I pull together myself with such workouts. I stretched back side of the legs (calves and thighs) and side stomach muscles great.


  1. Brandi 3 April, 2015 at 19:39 Reply

    Great workout, Rumi! It looks easy, but I’m all sweaty! My favorite exercise was the pigeon hold 🙂

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