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Hallo guys, how you feel today 😀 I am busy these days and keep my workouts short and simple. When my mind is full of thoughts and tasks I like to calm it down with a simple workout. You know, when life is hectic, basic workout can simplify things and make me feel that I accomplished a goal for this day.

Exercises in this total body workout
It is circuit training, do 5 rounds for time but don’t sacrifice proper form for speed!

1. Push up with raised leg to the side 10
2. Jump lunge – 20
3. Renegade rows – 10 every side
4. Single leg hip raises on a chair – 10 every leg

First exercise is a stabilization abs challenge and you may have abdominal sore the day after. I like to work out core with this kind of exercise because abdominal muscles are responsible to keep body in upright position. I may a joke that you don’t walk and doing crunch movements, you walk with straight torso and abdominal and back muscles do this for you. From time to time I have crunch like exercises in my routines but just for variety.

Second exercise is a killer for thighs and gluteus. I love the jump because it builds explosive strength and your heart rate jump up too. Word of caution: try to this exercises in front of a mirror and check if you lean forward when you jump. You should tighten core and torso stay upright. Also check knees, they must stay behind toes.

I love renegade rows and have them almost in every workout. They work out back, chest, shoulder and core – this is a killer total body exercises. This is another stabilizing core exercise.

Single leg hip raises – I see often this mistake to not work out the back of the thighs. In order to prevent injury body has to be trained in balance. This means that no particular muscle group becomes stronger than other. Muscle imbalance surely leads to injury. There are not many back time exercises that’s why I have hip raises very often. It is a regular mistake to work out the front muscle chain – push ups, squats and to miss back chain exercises (for back, back of the thighs).

In my workout my main goals is to train the body like a system and to include exercises for all major muscle groups. I also love functional workouts 🙂

Question: do you love functional workouts?

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