Thighs, Saddlebags And Abs Toning Exercises 28 Minute Total Body Home Workout Level 2


There are exercises for the muscles which are in saddlebags, abs, thighs and butt zones where cellulite forms the most. We do exercises to tone the muscles in these zones not the fat. Fat is energy reserve. When we don’t get enough energy, we start to burn our reserves. Energy is the food, i.e. when we don’t intake enough food, we start to burn fat. Two words are enough to say this, we can’t burn fat with exercises only, we also have to eat less food than we need.

If you train for a long time and don’t see progress in the mirror may be you want to try to count calories.

If you enter the website for the first time start with easier workouts and develop day by day. Look at the 90 day challenge. Start with the appropriate level for you.

If this workout is easy for you, try the more challenging version.

Circuit workout, 3 rounds, but if you don’t have time, do 1 or 2 rounds.

1. Burpee push up from knees – 10
2. ALT chair step up – 10
3. Pull over – 10
4. Weighted lunge LEFT – 10
5. Hands on chair LEFT side raise + RIGHT jump – 10
6. Hands on chair – jump knees to abs – 10
7. LEFT side raise – 20
8. High knees – 20
9. From knees low-high plank – 10
10. Weighted lunge RIGHT – 10
11. On chair – RIGHT side raise + LEFT jump – 10
12. On chair jump knees to abs – 10
13. RIGHT side raise – 20
14. High knees – 20
15. Abs ALT heel touch – 20
16. Row LEFT side – 10
17. Row RIGHT side – 10
18. Goblet squat + press up – 10

Which exercise was most difficult for you?

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