The weight loss as major repairs and maintenance


Over the weekend, I talked to a friend who wants to lose weight. She follows a meal plan for 4 weeks, loses 3-4 kg. Then she starts eating as before and gets back what she lost. The conclusion – the meal plan does not work. There are always exclusions, of course, but even after the best menu you have to “fight” for what you have achieved.

I asked her, “Do you brush your teeth every day?” – “Yes”. I didn’t ask her why she brushes her teeth every day, I think it’s obvious.
Many people think that while losing weight they must be strict with the meal plan and then after finishing it, they can eat whatever and how much they want. And if the meal plan was good, you do not gain weight back. … And Santa Claus enters through the chimney and leaves presents under the Christmas tree. To the good ones gives a perfect figure for the whole year, so they have a stimulus to be good and the next one too….

I wonder how many people believe in miracles (I also believe but in real miracles).

Today we will talk about weight loss as a basic cleaning, spring and autumn cleaning and maintenance (dusting, vacuuming, etc.).
You buy a house in a miserable condition (you have + 10-20 kg). You start to put it in order (get in shape). You make efforts different from just dusting, blue magic mop, vacuum cleaner. You know that these great efforts are needed to put the house in order. You clean, repair – a nasty job, but you do it in the name of your goal. The apartment finally lights up, as brand sparkling new (-10-20 kg). You move in (time for a new belt and a sexy dress).

Which scenario do you want to get into after you’re already at home?

Scenario 1
You go home with muddy shoes (dough, greasy and fried food at every meal). You stain regularly and do not clean after yourself (you go to a family gathering and then – Olivier salad, french fries, fatty meat, plenty of bread, cakes… The next day you do not reduce the food). You do not wipe the dust (do not analyze if you overdo it with food). You don’t arrange (you don’t think about how you feel, why you eat so much, what do you actually miss). You don’t do anything for the house (the dirt and the weight grow).

Scenario 2
You don’t walk in with muddy shoes (you don’t eat cake, pizza and spaghetti together), it’s clean, you keep home in good general condition (regular short workouts). From time to time you wipe the dust (check if you have not overdosed on food), mop the floor (reduce food as soon as you’ve eaten more, you do not wait a month to do so), you tidy up (put your priorities in order), ventilate (you take a break and enough sleep). The apartment is clean and cozy 🙂 Well, there is something messy here and there (you ate pizza mmm, that’s delicious), but it’s cozy and you feel comfortable in your home.

The results must be maintained
After a good deep cleaning follows the maintenance. 2 times a year small cleanings (spring – for the swimsuit on the beach), autumn (for the sexy dress at the Christmas party). Weekly maintenance to make you feel good at home 🙂

The weight loss is not a one-time process, followed by uncontrolled, binge eating. That’s just not the point!

Why do you brush your teeth every day and expect not to take care of your body every day?

Why do you take bath or shower every day but you don’t train every day? If you don’t bathe regularly, you’ll get dirty. If you do not train regularly – you will lose shape.

Why do you keep your hair and nails? I think you got my point! 😊

No one can do what YOU have to do for yourself!

So, I’m asking you: Why do you keep in order everything around you, but not yourself?

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