The Most Stupid Ways To Lose Weight


This is a humorous article, please do not feel offended by it if you’ve ever done some of the stupid things to lose weight. I want to tell you that everyone has her silly moments, I don’t make an exception. It’s impossible to know everything about everything. We learn all the time and so we understand how little we know.

The more I read about nutrition and workouts, the harder it is to be certain in my answers because I see how much is unknown about how the human body functions. This is why I share only personal experience, my experience with clients and I don’t rely on theory, unless it has proven over time.

So, let’s have some fun 🙂 The first one on the wall of shame will be me…

Number 1
Drinking laxative tea. This is my stupidity, it’s good I didn’t harm myself. I have a story with a Chinese tea in a green packaging. I think it mainly contained senna. I was in my second year in college and with my friend Maya lived together. We decided to drink tea every night, because it loosens the bowels in about 7-8 hours and you have to go to the bathroom! So, in order to happen in the morning, not during the day, because you don’t really know where it will get you and if there will be a bathroom nearby. But when the call comes you start sweating if you have to hold it… I’m sweating just of remembering…

I liked the idea of drinking the laxative tea, because I was dealing with constipation since I was a girl. So, we drink the tea, we go to bed, everything is great. It’s 6 AM and I feel an enormous call, my stomach even hurts. I run to the bathroom and sit down. Great – I’m constipated. Something tries to go out, but no one let’s it at Customs. At the same time, my friend also needs to go to the bathroom and knocks on the door ‘Rumi, get out!’. Tortured, I reply ‘I can’t, it can’t come out.’’She goes ‘Then you go out!’ I yell back ‘I can’t, wait a minute!’ She yells back to me that she can’t wait so I just said I was sorry. I am sensing that she is ready to get me out of the bathroom and at that time, the door wasn’t locking, so there was a real danger of that happening.

However, me sitting on the toilet and ready to fight because if I’m not sitting down, things will get ugly. Maya is crying now and yells at me to come out. I got the brilliant idea to tell her to go to our next door friend Milena. I heard the door slam and I was calm – Maya went to Milena’s. Imagine someone waking you up at 6 AM with a loud knock, without any explanation to rush into your bathroom and to hear some disturbing noises afterwards. Maya wasn’t talking to me all day, but who will give up the toilet without a fight /lady fight with poop… no television would broadcast this/?

This didn’t stop us. We continued to drink the tea, but with an hour apart 🙂 .

/The names in the story are not real/

The quick way of bringing out food from the body doesn’t give the opportunity to absorb it. You may have vitamins and minerals deficit. The gastrointestinal tract can be damaged. You can also get addicted to this way of ‘losing weight’. I was doing it for almost a year!

Number 2
Wrapping yourself with nylon and putting a sauna suit for losing weight over the nylon. Wrapping yourself with nylon doesn’t let the body to cool down, thus you sweat more (the body tries to cool down, but doesn’t succeed). You sweat more, but you get dehydrated. When you eat and drink, the water will be back. Special leggings for sweating are in this group, too. I have one, a manufacturer sent me a pair, even though I said I didn’t like them… It’s brand new. I tested it to see if it’s pretty so I can film workouts wearing it, but it isn’t. It’s firm, it bothers me before I even start working out. I remember when I used to go to group workouts there were a lot of girls that wrapped themselves in nylon and really believed in this way of losing weight.

Number 3
Starving. There is not a doubt that you lose weight when you starve – you lose muscles and not so much fat. After starving yourself, the body’s priority is to store fat so if you starve again, it will have energy stored. How can you build muscles after starving, you have to do some workouts. Not only your muscles are gone, but you have to work out in order to gain them back. It’s very hard to train after starvation! The muscle growth is much slower process than gaining fat. You need to have strong willpower and to be careful with the food you eat in order not to add fat. I know this from experience that it’s the truth. I’m a fan of starvation, but not to lose fat. Yes, you will lose fat.But when you start eating again, you need to really control your portions. To do a real self-assessment and to know yourself very well. My inbox is full of emails of people losing weight after starving themselves and then gaining it all back, even more than before. After starving and gaining fat, people actually get fatter, because if you are the same weight but with fewer muscles, the fat is obviously more than before.

Number 4
Hula hoop for slimming the waist and training the abdominal muscles. It’s definitely some movement, but if you hula hoop for 20 minutes, you better jump on a rope or do left-right jumps. At least you will burn some calories and you will have trained not only the abdomen, but the calves too. The heartbeat will rise and more oxygen will reach all tissues. In the circus, women who hula hoop have small waists, but it’s not because of the hula hoop. Just like weight lifters, who are not short because of lifting, but because short people have a smaller amplitude of movement when weightlifting and thus are more effective.

If you like hula hoop, try the video below, it’s fun and is a joyful way to be active on your day off of working out.

I used to hula hoop when I was a kid and I had a lot of fun 🙂 .

I’m leaving you with a presentation of effective equipment for gaining muscles 🙂

Share with me your stupid ways to lose weight. It’s super interesting to me, and please do not miss any details 😀


  1. Suzanne 30 June, 2017 at 03:47 Reply

    When I was in my early 30’s,

    I had trouble with constipation, which was causing some weight gain and making me miserable. So, instead of consulting a doctor I went to the health food store.

    Well, I started taking an all natural colon cleanse. It was just one pill a day and it had no side effects on the bottle or anything that made me weary of taking it. All it did was help me have one normal bowel movement in a day. Great, I was very happy.

    Well I took it for many years and no problem, and then I couldn’t find it in any store.
    So, Since I didn’t have it I stopped taking it.

    Well, disaster happened.
    My colon became dependent on it, without the supplement, no proper elimination.
    I could not go to the bathroom for seven weeks.
    The pain was unbearable and the natural gasses that the body produces could not leave my body. I thought I was going to die.

    Finally as time went bye, I had a colonoscopy and my colon was completely rotted all because I thought I was doing something natural for my body.

    My doctor told me that the supplement I was taking was a bunch of different laxatives.
    I was shocked and felt so stupid.

    Never will I ever use anything without my doctors O.K.
    My stupid story.

    • Rumi 30 June, 2017 at 17:51 Reply

      Thanks for sharing! This is the fact, colon become dependent on laxatives and after that you can’t go to the toilet without drinking it. I am sure you’ve learned your lesson and now you take good care of your colon eating fibers every day 🙂

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