The alcohol and the weight loss


Alcohol – the word sounds scary, but it is actually something that is present daily in our lives, including mine. We can call it Drinking, it sounds very social and fun 😉

When I was a student I studied and worked at the same time. The stress was huge. The first thing I was doing in the evening when I got home was to pour myself a small drink and Coca Cola (wow, I haven’t drunk Coca Cola since!). After I finished my drink, I felt relaxed, I felt good. I didn’t drink more, I had my “dose”. The truth is I didn’t like the alcohol itself, I liked the feeling of relaxing. After a while I stopped drinking every night, I don’t remember why and if the stress decreased.

My friend, Ira, taught me to drink red wine during my student years. And it turned into love that has remained until now. I drink a glass of red wine several times a week and the strange thing is that I love it on an empty stomach, before dinner or after it. During a meal I don’t seem to drink.

I don’t like white wine, from overdoing it. I still remember the case even though 10 years have passed.😀

There was a period when I was having 1-2 small whiskeys, it was a long time ago. I only drink red wine now. I don’t like hard drinks at all (maybe, only in cocktails, I love Margarita, Mojito, Cuba Libre and I scarе the bartenders by saying “no sugar” in my cocktail. 😉.

The alcohol is socially acceptable. Many families are having a drink together in the evening during or after dinner. Maybe you’re already wondering if I’m encouraging you to start drinking 😀

Nooo, drink or not drink, it’s your choice. I write this article for those who like to drink and wonder if it will hurt them.

Plus, it’s a holiday season and most people are gathering together and I’m sure they are having more alcohol than usual.

Drinking 1-2 glasses of wine, up to 30 g hard drink has a rather positive effect on health and even on the weight. I inform my clients that if they like to drink alcohol, especially if it gives them the feeling that they are not deprived and they are not on a diet, then they can afford a glass of wine (preferably red because it contains resveratrol, which is an antioxidant) .

On the other hand, the alcohol adds calories and should be considered in the total energy intake while you are in a period of fat reduction or weight loss.

How to calculate how much alcohol the drink contains?

For example, the red wine contains 14% alcohol, then in 100 ml red wine there is 14 g alcohol.

The beer contains about 5-6% alcohol, which means that 500 ml contains 25-30 g alcohol.

Benefits of drinking a little alcohol

– Small doses of alcohol are associated with lower body weight in women

– It improves the insulin sensitivity

– People who drink a little, live longer than those who do not drink at all

– 1-2 glasses of red wine a day protect against Alzheimer’s

Caloric content of alcohol

1 g of alcohol contains 7 calories.

For comparison

A gram of carbohydrate contains 4 calories.

A gram of protein also contains 4 calories.

A gram of fat, though, contains 9 calories

There are periods of time when I drink a glass of wine 3-4-5 times a week. There are periods when I drink very rarely (I am in such a period now).My point is to consume your drink with moderation and to enjoy it. Don’t count the calories these days, we will have the whole New Year to do that! But what is important to enjoy everything you do and most of all the company you are with and the whole atmosphere!

Happy New Year’s Eve!!!!

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