Tabata Abs And Cardio Exercises Total Body Fat Burning Workout Level 2


This workout is part of the 90 day challenge for regular workouts. During these three months we work for building new habits, that lead us to success in the future. We don’t only work for 10-30 day losing weight. This will happen too, but it doesn’t matter how long it will take, the most important is what we will learn in the 90 days. Read more about the challenge. After that start working out with day 1 and don’t catch up, don’t rush, follow the plan day by day.

If this workout is easy for you, try the harder version.

7 combinations
Do each combination 4 intervals 20/10, 10 seconds is the rest interval. Each combination takes 2 minutes after that go to the next combination. After you do all combinations take some minutes rest and do one more round of all combinations.

Combo 1 – thighs, cardio
Side lunge (with or without jump)
Squat + cross jump

Combo 2 – chest, shoulders, abs, lower back
Push up

Combo 3 – thighs, shoulders, biceps
Goblet squat + press up
Dumbbell side raise (shoulders)

Combo 4 – abs
Leg raise + butt raise
Scissors + crab leg

Combo 5 – back, chest, shoulders, biceps
Alternate renegade row

Combo 6 – cardio, abs, chest, shoulders, thighs
Mountain climber
Low jacks

Combo 7 – cardio
Jump left-right
Jump forward-backwards

Which zone did you feel this workout the most in?
Which exercise was the hardest?
Do you want level 2 workouts to be more difficult or they are fine?


  1. HClaudia Acosta 18 February, 2016 at 14:23 Reply

    Hello Rumi 🙂
    I felt my back the most. the hardest was the abs (leg-butt raise).
    In my opinion you are doing an excellent job! you give tips, say when is a harder or easy version, you explain the correct way to do the workout, etc, etc, etc. If someone wants to do more or harder then there are two levels to choose or just do more rounds! so really from my heart … thank you!!!!

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