Staring at Flame – Daily Meals 2012-09-24


Black coffee for a quick start of the day (no picture because I am so sleepy in the morning and can go on autopilot only to prepare black Turkish coffee but without sugar). I like to answer emails and comments while enjoying coffee. Emails+coffee is the fastest wake up combination. Then I filmed a workout. I like fasting (time without eating) for 12-14 hours and sometimes I work out fasting (on empty stomach).

Then I had enormous brunch – salad (Iceberg, tomato) and a huge piece of grilled salmon (a left over from dinner).

rumi's brunch 2012-09-24

I love having leftovers because I can eat quickly without cooking. For a dessert – grapes. It is grapes’ season in Bulgaria and I prefer to eat seasonal.

Afternoon I move to work in a coffee shop and had my Latte. I used to order cappuccino, but last 3 months I switched to Latte.

latte and cat

I found that I can work longer and become very creative and productive if I change the situation. Morning and early afternoon I am at home, later afternoon in the coffee shop.

I had a stroll and dinner shopping. There were street flame performers and it was so relaxing to watch their dance. Looking at the flame in the night is a kind of meditation (staring at flame is a powerful meditation technique).

flame performers

Dinner was simple – boiled eggs, salad, Brie cheese, water melon.


I like to boil eggs exactly 3 minutes so they have a dark spot in the middle of the yolk.

Question of the day

How long do you boil your eggs?


  1. Romy 25 September, 2012 at 09:18 Reply

    Thank you Rumi for this article!! Your meals look so tasty!!! and the guy playing in the fire reminds me la “fete de la Saint Jean” on June 23, the longest night of the year. People are used to gathering in the beach and light fire!!!

    I boil my eggs 3 minutes for ” un oeuf a la coque” and I boil them 7 minutes to have them hard. No more than 7 minutes cause apparently after 7 minutes the egg looses its vitamines!!

    In order to maintain your weight you eat without counting any portions or grams…cause you don’t need to loose weight. right? Now, imagine that you wanted to loose some weight, what would do? would you start counting, measuring the portions of food? or you would just slightly reduce the quantity without counting? which ingredients would you avoid?

    have a nice day!

    • Rumi 25 September, 2012 at 10:47 Reply

      Romy, I don’t count calories. If I want to lose fat I would watch my carbs. I already eat carbs only from fruit and veggies and most people will lose fat if they follow my meals, because most people eat more carby then me. Sometimes I have chick peas, quinoa, millet or other gluten free carb sources – but these are very smal quantities like 1 oz (30 gr.) to prepare panckakes for example. I stopped eating gluten recently.

    • Rumi 7 November, 2012 at 23:07 Reply

      Kat, 3 minutes for an eggs with a dark pount in the yolk (it is boiled but in the middle the yolk is not so boiled), 4 minutes for a hard boiled egg, and 5 minutes is very hard boiled egg 🙂 Love to help you 🙂

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