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Gorgeous, what is the first thing that comes to you when a new venture tries to enter your life :)) Very likely it’s “I do not have time” :)) or “I can’t cook”, “When will I train…family…kids…work, etc. … I’m just a woman, not a superhero” 🙂

But, you don’t know what powers you possess until you start 🙂 Yes, we are not superhumеn, but just women :))

And what about a mother who is breastfeeding a baby, has a child in a school, another one in a nursery? Housewife, wife … :))

Oh, it’s not a fantasy, it’s a reality :)) Get to know Sonya!

Here’s what she says: “If you believe that you can do something, or you can’t do it, then you will be right in both cases!”

Say you can and send me an e-mail with just 3 words ”I Want Change”. Take a look what program includes.

Enjoy Sonya now, motivate yourself with her story, everything is possible! How do you think: was it easy for her? Watching her photos – was it worth?

I am Sonia, 34.
After the birth of my third child I decided that I want and deserve to look good!
Two months later I contacted Rumi Ilieva! I did not know her work, I was “illiterate” in her field, which bothered me a bit at first. I wrote her that I dream of beautiful, healthy and tight body …

I’ve been slim since I was a girl. But my 43-47 kg did not really identify with a perfect figure – I had fat on my stomach, thighs, cellulite …I admired flat bellies, 6 packs, the slender thighs …!
I haven’t kept diets, I’m fond of delicious food and sweet stuff, and most of all I’m totally capable of making them for myself! I’ve never trained in my entire life!

A little more than two years ago, I heard Rumi’s name for the first time. She helped my cousin become unrecognizable! The effect was really “Wow!”
Then Rumi just stayed into my head. Probably subconsciously I knew she would be the person I would turn to one day!

And so, from the second maternity leave I went into the third one (I note to all who believe that cesarean is an excuse to have a stomach – all my three births are with C-section!).

This time I didn’t want to wait to “get in shape over time”! My body was recovering at its own pace, but I was already looking for something else – a cardinal change at the corresponding price! Yes, everything has its price!
You exit for a while from the established comfort zone, but … you quickly build a new one! Not everything was easy and it’s normal! Striving, perseverance and hard work, however, always give results! Do not get despaired!

They say that a person is as big as his dreams! Yes, man is definitely what he/she thinks! If you believe that you can do something, or you can’t do it, then you will be right in both cases!

In the beginning, I wanted more than I could do, but most importantly, I wanted it and I believed. This was what drew me forward!
After I contacted Rumi, only two or three e-mails were enough to clarify what the menu will include. I had my pancakes, ice cream, chocolate, cheesecake, bruschettas, biscuits and everything else I eat and love in unsuspecting delicious versoins! And that far exceeded my expectations!
Rumi has complied with the fact that I breastfeed my baby. I have additional food in case I nurse more or less intensively. 3 main meals, 2 snacks and additional food for nursing! There were times when I couldn’t eat everything!

I changed my cooking style, found interesting combinations and products, and integrated my family to the idea of healthy food. Actually, I prepare for them the same meals, but they eat a lot more than me (I often envy them :))!

At first it was really confusing – to prepare separate meals for myself and for the others, especially in cases when they wanted something else to eat (children often have their preferences) … My eating habits also were changing. There were times when I felt hunger, because of the reduced quantities and I was always craving for something…
I was in search of the most comfortable time to workout or just some free time for my training! But this is only the first ten days, then everything comes into a place!

Weekly progress is tracked! The moments with the centimeter in front of the mirror were real excitement for me! And Rumi’s reply of course!
Rumi is very comprehensive and detailed. She draws attention to every sentence, even if it is just a simple expression of emotion or sharing, and gives value to every progress!

Not everything is easy, but it’s important to see and appreciate the small steps!
I can see things clearly now – the impossible things in the beginning are no longer impossible!

I remember when I was in the beginning and I just took a look at the Super Advanced workouts, I thought to myself, that I will not be able to go that far, but here I am!
As early as the second week, I felt tightening, mobilizing of all my muscles. Over time, some exercises gradually became easy and it encouraged me, because they were no longer so scary!
I thought I either did not do them properly or I just did them! It turned out to be the second one!

I had my hard moments while I was training. I was saying to myself, “Here, 5-6 seconds longer and stop, I’m here for today…” or “I can’t do it…” and yet I got to the end! The workouts are not long, but effective!
This allowed me to “insert” them into my already overstuffed schedule of duties: baby, school, nursery, ballet, English lessons… It was real “fun” at some moments …

If I missed a workout and I felt as if I missed brushing my teeth, as if I missed to climb one step higher!
The balance is as follows :):
• I am happy that I’ve started;
• that I didn’t delay;
• that I’ve come so far!
I go on, because there is something else to work on, I set new goals and above all because I want it with all my heart! All my efforts so far have been rewarded!
I’ve gained knowledge of how to eat and what to eat. And most importantly, I like it!
I’ve learned to have breakfast and not only this!
Now I have new favorite foods 🙂 I sleep quickly.
My morning starts with coffee and milk and with one of my new favorite snacks, not with deprivation!
I train because it makes me feel successful and fit!
The change comes as long as we want it, and not seeking for excuses! For me it’s like taking a deep breath of fresh air!

Rumi thanks for your precision! I told you already, that you are an artist for me, amongst other things!

I appeal to everyone who reads – this is my experience, my struggle, my personal moment. I felt worried about my pictures, but the desire to show what is possible and to help someone to make the first steps towards the change, overcomes!

Girls (and boys :)), let each of us be as he/she wants! Dare to take the first step and never go back! I wish success to everyone and to myself!

Do you want to start now, feel good, confident and capable, acquire new knowledge e-mail me with just 3 words ”I Want Change” and we start working together!

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