How To Firm Saggy Breasts?


I kick off an FAQ series, inspired by comments under posts. If you feel like asking a question, drop a line below and I’ll be glad to reply with an article. Feel free to share your experience in lifting up sagging breasts 🙂

Today we’ll discuss the chest as breasts and not as muscles. Usually, after breastfeeding or losing weight breasts suffer the most. The form and size of breasts are determined by the amount of hypodermic fatty tissue. (No. 7 in the picture).

Photo source: Wikipedia

Breast anatomy

1. Chest wall

2. Pectoralis muscles

3. Lobules

4. Nipple

5. Areola

6. Milk duct

7. Fatty tissue

8. Skin

I regret to say that I’m not aware of any natural method to “firm” the chest/breasts. Exercises train chest muscles and not breasts (which are not muscles). Many instructors advise that you should do exercises for the chest muscle which is to improve the look of the breasts.

My experience shows that this is not the case. Since I practice sport regularly and the amount of hypodermic fat has been reduced as a result, the size of my breasts has shrunken too. In fact, this is one of the reasons why I don’t want my muscles to become more prominent. I think that should the amount of my fats get reduced the same will happen with the size of my bust.

It might sound strange, but I have never worn bra in my daily life (only sports bra during workouts). I tried as a teenager, I didn’t like it and I made up my mind to try wearing it some day. This day hasn’t come yet, but gravitation has its say and the day is fast approaching 🙂

My experience as a certified personal trainer also shows that ladies lose weight first on the waist and breast. I can think of three women only who did not lose any weight on their breast (lucky them!), but 99,99% of women lose on their bust while losing weight. Workouts improve the stance and this might well result in “strutting” so that breasts get perky, which makes them look more prominent 🙂 and indirectly improves their look.

Most often, women look for advice on firming their breasts after breastfeeding, and I have no idea how to help out in this case :-(. If anyone knows a way how to tone up breasts naturally (without the use of hormones), go ahead and share with us. I’m curious to read your opinion on firming breasts.

Piece of advice: You better lose weight slowly so that the skin takes its time to shrink and no stretch marks appear. We all want super fast results, but losing weight fast has a downside – stretch marks, hanging skin and most probably yo-yo effect. If you want to firm your breasts, focus on food rich in vitamins and minerals, which feeds the skin too; workout on a regular basis and wait for the result. Put your efforts in something which you can change and accept what you can’t change.

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