RumFit WOD 7: Vasilena


This workout is especially for the muscles groups in women’s most problem areas – thighs, butt, abs, triceps. It requires strength endurance and you need to have at least 6 months training experience.

Read why Rumfit workouts are not for beginners. All Rumfit workouts are here.

If you didn’t work out up to now, first try the 90 day program level 2. After level 2 gets easy for you, continue with level 3.

If you want to loose weight, you have to combine both – regular workouts with eating the right amount of food for you.

I part
Reverse pyramid. Do any subsequent exercise less reps than the previous.

1 min sprint
50 2 walking lunges + jump squat
40 push off + knee tuck
30 left knee hug – right knee hug, V sit with opened legs and arms
1 min sprint

II part
2 rounds. If you want, do 3 rounds.

20 ALT bird dog + knee tuck
20 jump to sumo squat + touch floor
20 supinated grip row – both sides
1 min sprint

Rumi’s time
I part – 18 min
II part – 8:36 min

Write down your time in the comments below and next time when you do the same workout, you will see your progress.


  1. Katerina Naumova 2 June, 2015 at 17:28 Reply

    I survived! Part 1 -> 22 min; part 2 -> 12 min (I didn’t want to do 3 rounds this time)
    Yesterday’s WOD was tougher for me, I felt tired before I even started it. The push off and knee hugs with V sit were brutal!
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s WOD 😉

  2. rose marie 4 June, 2015 at 10:04 Reply

    Hey Rumi!!! 223 cal 🙂 Part I 18:13 mn and part 2 : 8:46 mn. It was very challenging but loved it!!! I suffered doing the 30 knee hugs!!! I was dead..!!! lol My thighs were burning with the walking lunge!!! Awesome workout as usual!!!! thank you Rumi!!! Have a great day!!!

  3. Nadia 1 September, 2015 at 14:49 Reply

    I did this whole series back in May, but didn’t record all my times, so am redoing a few of them. Just as fun second time round 🙂

    My favourites so far are Amber and Emily – I regularly do Part 2 of Emily as a buy out for other workouts.

    Part 1: 104 cals, HR129/164 (following Rumi’s pace)
    Part 2: 59 cals, HR 146/165 (2 rounds)

  4. Martina 29 December, 2016 at 12:45 Reply

    Hi Rumi your workouts are very interesting and i love your combo ;)….. only one question: why in almost all of your workouts insert the rower? Isn’t the “Dive bomber”, for example (or half burpee), better than rower, especially in a crossfit workout? Thak you for dedication <3

    • Rumi 29 December, 2016 at 12:49 Reply

      Row is exercises for back muscles. Burpee and Dive bomber are exercises mainly for chest and shoulders, and almost total body but they don’t train back muscles effectively.

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