RumFit WOD 6: Emily


A workout with cardio and strength exercises. Exercises which are combined are hard, and you need at least 6 months training experience. Read why Rumfit workouts are not for beginners. The list with all Rumfit workouts is here.

If you start working out now, first try the 90 day program. Start with level 2 and when it doesn’t challenge you any more, continue with level 3.

If you want to tone or to loose weight, you don’t only have to work out, but also to eat the right amount of food for you.

Do as many rounds as you can for 12 minutes. If you want work out for 15, 20 or how many minutes you would like. The reps of the exercises are degrees of the number 2 🙂

I part

8 Dive bomber
16 ALT pistol
32 Abs leg drops
64 High knees sprint

II part – 2 or more rounds

8 Elevated renegade row – both sides one after the other
16 Plank elevated legs jumps
32 ALT renegade row
64 Swing

Rumi’s time
I part 4 rounds – 13:46 min
II part 2 rounds – 9:10 min

Write down your time in the comment below and next time check your progress or regress 😀


  1. Katerina Naumova 2 June, 2015 at 09:30 Reply

    I part -> 27:45 – 5 rounds
    II part -> 15 minutes – 2 rounds
    I can’t go up without helping myself so I used my bed for the pistol squats 🙂 During the first 2 rounds I couldn’t do 32 Abs leg drops without stopping for rest but after that I felt stronger and I was faster, so I decided to do one extra round.
    I am very happy I managed to do 32 elevated renegade rows with no rest, but I still use 4 kg per arm. I used 11 kg for the swings, I love this exercise!
    My but and abs are sore today, I’m kind of afraid of Vasilena, wish me luck 😉

  2. Nadia 10 July, 2015 at 11:59 Reply

    Part 1: 11:56, 4 rounds. 88 cals, HR 152/171.
    Part 2: 9:45 for 2 rounds. 72 cals, HR 153/173.
    10kg for low reps and 6kg for high reps. Used 16kg kb for the swings and did 50 reps each time.

    I actually found the abs work the hardest to keep form, Rumi your form was better than mine! I’m starting to find pistols much easier and wonder if I should add weight or go slower to reduce elastic energy.

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