RumFit WOD 3: Dima


This workout is part of the 30 day Rumfit challenge. The list with all Rumfit workouts is here.

If you didn’t work out up to now, you better start with the 90 day program level 2. After you are done with it, continue with level 3 which also is a 3 month program. After you do the 90 day program, you will have 6 months training experience and then you can try the Rumfit workouts.

If you want to loose weight or to tone, you have to combine regular workouts with eating the right amount of food for you. Almost all people who start to work out, expect miracles and with some weeks regular workouts or a month the most, they will change visibly. Don’t do their mistake and don’t count on this to burn fat with workouts.

Fat is burn, when you have energy deficit, because this energy is kept in our bodies exactly for cases like these. Doing workouts, you burn just little calories and it’s difficult to have deficit just because of them. That’s why you have to eat less food, this is the way to create deficit.

It’s easier not to eat a piece of cake, than to burn it working out. For example, if a piece of cake contain 500 calories, you have to train really intensively for an hour to burn it. And this doesn’t guarantee that you will have energy deficit, because during the day, you will eat something more.

I part – body weight exercises
Do all exercises in reverse pyramid – 30 reps first round, after that 20 in the second part, 10 reps in the third part. The goal is to do the combo as fastest as you can, but with proper form.

1. Surfer push up
2. Single arm half burpee + knee twist
3. Bicycle crunch with raised and opened legs
4. Abs – legs forward – legs up and hip raise
Note: When you do push ups, chest touches the floor. Jump to surf do squat.

II part – with equipment, correction part
1 round, if you want, do 2 rounds.

1. Row RIGHT side – 20
2. Renegade supinated row RIGHT – 20
3. RIGHT leg side raise – 30
4. Row LEFT side – 20
5. Renegade supinated row LEFT – 20
6. LEFT leg side raise – 30

Share with us your time of every part in the comments below, so the next time you will see if you do it faster or slower.

Rumi’s time
I part – 17:52 min
II part – 4:52 min


  1. Katerina Naumova 28 May, 2015 at 09:36 Reply

    First part took me 22 minutes. After that I felt more energetic (as usual), so I did 2 rounds of part 2. I forgot to track my time for part 2 🙁 but I think it was round 10 minutes.
    I loved the first two exercises, I could feel every muscle in my body and I’m very happy with my form. I had to take breaks though, it’s amazing to see you do so may surfer push ups at once, well done! Your form on the Bicycle crunch is excellent 🙂

    • Rumi 28 May, 2015 at 09:41 Reply

      Thank you for your kind words! In this workout I really looke after the form and not speed. I want to be always this way but sometimes I give priority to speed which I am not proud of. I admire you because you seem to always give priority to form which is what I want from you and me 🙂

  2. rose marie 1 June, 2015 at 10:45 Reply

    Hey Rumi!!! wow!!!! it took me 22 mn for part 1…!! I need to improve my time… I was focusing on my proper form but still….I need to go faster next time I will do it. Part 2, took me 6:32 mn. total : 288 cal!! 🙂 I did 10 mn jump rope as a warm up…so another 79 cal…It’s a good start for a Monday!!! Tomorrow: Lady D!!!! 🙂 have a lovely week Rumi!!

    • Rumi 1 June, 2015 at 11:30 Reply

      It is always better to focus on form, you can’t lose with such approach 🙂 I love your calorie reports, this way I know how many calories burn my workouts 🙂 Thank you for your feedback!

  3. Theresa Scimemi 2 May, 2016 at 14:05 Reply

    I love your workouts! I agree the bicycle crunches are hard – but I am slowly improving! Thanks for uploading these workout.

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