RumFit WOD 17: Borisa


A workout with emphasis on abs. The first part we do exercises for abs, thighs and booty. The second part – abs, chest, shoulders, back. It’s not appropriate for beginners.

Do you want to loose weight and to tone your body? Then follow the plan regular workouts + eating the right amount of food for you. Just workouts are not enough. You have to combine both, this is the secret for the good shape.

Here are all RumFit workouts. If you want an easier program, try the 90 day challenge. First, level 2, after that level 3. When you finish the 90 day program, you will be ready for the RumFit workouts.

I part
Pyramid 30-20-10

1. 2 ALT jump lunge + 3 jump mountain climbers
2. ALT side lunge + leg raise – singles
3. ALT plank knee to same arm – knee to opposite arm – single leg down dog – singles

II part – 2 rounds, do 3 if you want

1. Renegade row – 8 each side
2. Push up – pike push up – 8
3. Triple abs – 8
4. Sprint – 100 singles
5. Abs – knee hugs – 8 doubles
6. Abs – upright bicycle – 8 doubles

Write down your time in the comments below. Next time when you do the same workout, you will chech your progress.

Rumi’s time:
I part: 14:42
II part: 8:13


  1. Nadia 16 June, 2015 at 09:02 Reply

    Thanks Rumi, i like the pyramid style with fewer reps each time. You missed the final set of abs in Part 1 by the way, so I did them for you 🙂

    10 kg for rows. I followed your pace but will go for a faster pace in Part 1 next time.

  2. Buggy 4 July, 2015 at 01:18 Reply

    This workout really made me sweat a lot. The first exercise from the pyramid was really challanging and I needed to rest often. Nevertheless, again a great workout, Rumi.
    My times:
    Part 1: 15:45
    Part 2: 9:00

  3. Nadia 15 September, 2015 at 10:20 Reply

    Part 1: 109 cals, HR 147/159
    Part 2: 49 cals, HR 134/153

    I’m always surprised at how my average heart rate is fairly high during the strength training – it’s obviously good cardio too! Loved the second part. Next time I might replace the sprints with kettlebell swings.

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