RumFit WOD 15: Irina


Total body workout with really difficult abs exercise. It’s not for beginners.

Do you have any exercise experience? If not so much, first try the 90 day challenge level 2. After it gets easy for you, continue with level 3 (it’s more challenging). After you do the 90 day program, you can work out with the Rumfit challenge. The list with all workouts is here.

Do you want to tone or to loose weight? The key is regular workouts + eating the right amount of food for you. Just working out is not enough. But if you follow the plan home workouts 20-30 minutes per day + eating clean, you will succeed.

I part
Pyramid 20-15-10-5
Do 20 reps first round, second 15, third 10 and the last one 5.

1. Side burpee + knee tuck + kick + upright kick
2. Chair step ups – doubles
3. ALT elevated plank – knee to arm – step – knee to arm – singles
4. Single leg chair raise from lunge + other leg side raise – singles

II part
Pyramid 20-16-12-6. Follow the same principle as in part I.

1. ALT elevated renegade row
2. ALT jump lunge
3. Abs bicycle – doubles

Write down your time you do this workout and next time you will see your progress.

Rumi’s time
I part: 18:51
II part: 6:25


  1. Nadia 12 June, 2015 at 16:34 Reply

    Part 1: Rumi’s pace. 132 cals. HR 147/162
    Part 2: 6:59. 5kg dbs. 45 cals. HR 142/158

    Love, health and happiness to you too Rumi! 🙂

  2. rose marie 18 June, 2015 at 10:54 Reply

    Hey Rumi!!
    I was travelling…so, no workouts for me for 2 days! this morning was hard…it took me 31 mn in total!!! I will have to do it again sometimes next week and beat my time!!! I am a snail lately!!! lol Have a wonderful day Rumi!!!

    • Rumi 18 June, 2015 at 11:03 Reply

      Snail workout is better than no workout 🙂 I am sure you are not snail, just your body needs time to rest and adapt 🙂

  3. Buggy 4 July, 2015 at 01:24 Reply

    Unfortunately, had no time for the correction part but first part was good enough. My time for the first part is: 19:55

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