RumFit WOD 12: Katalina


This workout challenges you to give your best. It’s a great total body workout. The first pyramid kills your thighs and keeps the heart rate really high all the time. The second pyramid will make your shoulders cry and the heart rate will be high again. The first exercise of the second part is a great endurance exercise and trains total body if you use a little heavier dumbbells.

For new readers: we work out for a long time and the workout below is not appropriate for beginners. I advise you to try the 90 day program first, level 2. Keep training with these workouts while they get easy for you. After that, continue with level 3. In the end of the program, you will have 6 months training experience. Then, it’s time for you to try
Rumfit challenge. The list with all workouts is here.

You want to tone your body or to loose weight? You have to combine regular workouts, you can’t tone with workouts only. Because, fat doesn’t tone and doesn’t turn in to muscles. Fat could only be burned and it will happen if you eat the right amount of food for you.

I part
Pyramid 1 – decreasing-increasing
2 exercises are alternating. Start with 100 reps of the first exercise and decrease it with 10 reps every other round. The second one starts with 1 rep and increases with 1 rep. Total 10 rounds.

100 Frog clap
1 Bulgarian split squat – every leg
90 Frog clap
2 Bulgarian split squat – every leg
… .
10 Frog clap
10 Bulgarian split squat – every leg

Pyramid 2 – decreasing
2 exercises are alternating. Start with 10 reps for the first exercise and every other round, do 1 rep less. The second exercises starts with 100 reps and decrease it with 10 reps every other round. 6 rounds

10 Dive bomber
100 Upright frog clap 🙂
9 Dive bomber
90 Upright frog clap
… .
5 Dive bomber
50 Upright frog clap

II part – pyramid

20 Combo – ALT renegade row + jump to squat + bicep curl + press up
15 Elbow hip thrust – doubles
10 V sit supinated feet
15 Elbow hip thrust doubles
20 Combo

Rumi’s time:
I part: 26:14
II part: 10:00


  1. Nadia 9 June, 2015 at 09:47 Reply

    Oops divided it into 3 parts. Burned 225 cals.
    Part 1: 15:12
    Part 2: 11:02
    Part 3: 9:43

    Love Combo moves like those in part II, combos are more fun than single reps. Thanks Rumi!

  2. Romy 12 June, 2015 at 11:39 Reply

    Hey Rumi!!! The frog claps killed me!!! Lol I took me 34 mn to do part I and II. I am a snail! Part III I just did the elbow hip thrusts and the V supinated feet. I didn’ t do the combos cause I didn’t bring with me any dumbells but just a 25 pounds kettlebell. And I thought 2 bottles of water would not be heavy enough for this Exercice. So I skipped it. Overall, it was an awesome workout!! Very challenging physically and mentally!!! I wanted to give up so many times doing the frog claps but I kept going! I am proud of it!! Now, I am taking two days rest this weekend!! Have a lovely one Rumi

    • Rumi 12 June, 2015 at 11:42 Reply

      Yes, it was mental challenge for me too!!! Today I film the last, 20th, workout and will take 2 days off too.

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