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Hi, Gorgeous 🙂

I want to motivate you with Raya’s story who received the individual program as a gift from a friend 🙂 Even better, he decided to support her, eating on her personal menu (of course, the quantities for him were different) 🙂
With company it’s always easier, but Raya also had her challenges 🙂
What is important is that she was determined to achieve her goal, and after the first month she knew that victory would be hers!
Sweets of colleagues are no longer a temptation, now she tempts and inspires them! 🙂

Do you want victory, send me an e-mail with just 3 words “I Want Change” 🙂

Hello, everyone! I decided to tell my story to inspire more people about the change and to prove it’s possible!

I’m 26 years old and I’m trying to lose weight as long as I can remember. I’ve never been too fat (I thought so until I saw the first pictures), but there were always some kilograms standing between me and the cool clothes.

I’ve been many times on a diet, I went to the gym, I ran into the park, but always went back to my old habits, sugar and chips.

The word “diet” was always very startling. I associated it with hunger, deprivation and then return of the kilos lost, sometimes doubled.

How did I know about Rumi? My sister was her client some time ago, and of course, she achieved an incredible result. Even then, I wanted to try, but I was still making an excuses that I don’t like to starve, I don’t like to do sports, and most of all that my will is very weak.
I was constantly talking about it at home. I wanted a change. I wanted to see myself in different perspective. I wanted to give it a try.

Until one day I received a great surprise – as I call it THE GREATEST GIFT.
My boyfriend had contacted Rumi, had arranged for me to get an individual program as a gift for my birthday. The best part of all was that he supported me by deciding, that together we would follow the menu and we will change our way of life.
At first, I was a little nervous and honestly the first two, three weeks were very difficult. I didn’t know how to cook for two. Constantly at work someone was bringing something homemade – pie, cake and all kinds of sweets.

At some point I thought this wasn’t for us. I was constantly thinking about not eating something, workouts were very difficult for me, but Rumi’s e-mails gave me strength. She explained me how to make cooking easier and motivated me.

And so until the end of the first month – when we (me and my sweetheart) saw our pictures. We were just so happy and even more motivated! I didn’t think I would give up anymore. I wanted even bigger change and I got it!

Now we continue to eat all delicious stuff from the menu and the site! I show my friends my pictures before and after and they are just amazed by the change! I constantly get compliments from colleagues and I’m already buying smaller size 🙂

I’ve promised myself that if I lose the way, I would look at the photos and the wonderful e-mails and they will give me strength and motivation!

I’ve learned that every change is difficult, but it is very sweet, especially when it is shared!

Thank you, dear Rumi! Without you, we wouldn’t succeed!

Give yourself a change, do the best for yourself 🙂
Send me an e-mail and we get started 🙂

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