Rali’s Change


Gorgeous today I motivate you with Rali’s story. For a year she achieved awesome results! Rali has turned into a confident woman, but not only because her new body. The real strength comes from being sure that you can achieve your goals and that you can control the process.

Do you want to eat delicious food, only meals that you like, to work out at home whenever you want and to control the process? Send me an e-mail with only 3 words ”I Want Change”. Take a look what is the program.

Hi, I am Rali, 45 years old.
People around me have lost their faith, that I can change (frankly speaking so do I). It’s not that I didn’t want or I haven’t tried. I’ve tried different diets, fitness, swimming, (imagine!) even skating.

I thought it would be easy to “jump” again into the old “me”, without any big efforts. I was so wrong! I was continuously gaining weight because of stress, lack of training, unhealthy and wrong eating and etc.

My work is mostly traveling and sitting behind the desk. The perfect combination! And thus for 8 years I become from 62 kg to the terrifying 84 kg.

Last year my bigger son was graduating. In the beginning of the year, while I was buying his suit, I saw myself into a mirror. I didn’t just look at myself, I saw myself and I was really terrified! I decided that I’m not going to be the fattest mother at this year’s prom. Not me! This was the sparkle that kindled me.

Not very long before that, I happened upon a Rumi’s video in YouTube – why we can’t lose weight, without following meal plan. “This girl speaks so nice and so true!” – I thought.
I saw her workouts and I tried some of them. Others I couldn’t, because they would bring me a heart attack.

I decided that I need a cooking plan. I wrote to Rumi in the beginning of February. I’ve lost 2 kilos so far.

I’ve started right away after I received my menu. I am a good cooker and I was in love with all recipes. First because they included all of the foods I like, and second – I was going to cook for myself! First I put my food on scale and while it was preparing, I cooked for my family. It wasn’t hard for me. I was having fun! I usually combined my breakfast with first snack of my menu, as well as the second snack and the dinner. Probably, that’s why I wasn’t hungry at all.

I’ve worked out 5 times a week about 20-30 minutes per day (mostly evenings), twice a day. In the morning a was doing short workout (10-15 min), in the evening the main one. It happened sometimes to work out at 22:00 o’clock, but I never missed a workout.

Not everything was perfect of course. I have my ups and downs. There is one thing I’ve understood though – I have to take care not only for my body, bur for my spirit as well. If I felt sad, moody or if I had a problem I was “forgetting” about my aims and desires. But in each moment good or bad Rumi was there, by my side to advise me and support me, without judging or reproaching. Rumi thank you for everything!

Now 12 months later, these are my results:

Weight – from 82 to 67 (15 kilos, 33.07 lbs)

Waist – from 94 to 78 cm

Hips – from 113 to 96 cm

Bust – from 107 to 96 cm

Thighs – from 67 to 57 cm

Calves – from 41 to 37 cm

Now I am not that strict any more with the quantities of food, but I am careful with the quality of my food.

I am one of the biggest and true fans of Rumi. I’ve done almost all of her workouts. I am dancing and going to Kangoo Jumps, and I could say I am not less than the 20-25 years old girls.

There is still work to do on myself (couple of cm from the waist). Rumi I’m eager to see your next program! But now I know – everything is possible!

Everyone can succeed having faith, perseverance and stubbornness day after day, until at the end finds in herself the beautiful girl, that she really is!

Do you want to be full of energy, to plunge into life, to laugh, to dance send me an e-mail with only 3 words ”I want change” and we start working together.


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