Quinoa, red beans and broccoli salad


Gorgeous, let’s load ourselves with vitamins, minerals and fiber! Enjoy this insanely delicious and easy as ABC to make salad (it is not an author’s recipe, I first ate it years ago as a guest with a friend). Broccoli is made in just 3 minutes, as in my yesterday’s post, I have mentioned that recent research shows that gentle steaming of the broccoli provides the most health benefits.🙂

Plus, time is a valuable resource. We juggle with time all the time!🙂 But this recipe saves you time without sacrificing the healthy benefits! So you can have time to take care of yourselves, friends, children and have fun.

Juggle and eat delicious and healthy!🙂

for 2 servings
240 g fresh broccoli
50 g quinoa (measured dry)
350 g red beans (canned/jar)
4-5 green olives (chopped)
1 tbsp. olive oil
apple vinegar

Wash the broccoli and divide it into small florets. Blanch them in salted water for 3 minutes (in order to remain crispy) and cool. Boil the quinoa also in salted water and cool. Mix well all the products and season the salad with salt, olive oil and apple vinegar.
One of the most important things for any salad is the flavoring 🙂 This salad must be flavored with vinegar and cold pressed olive oil, mmm 😊😋

Approximate nutritional value for the whole salad according to cronometer.com
Kcal 737
Protein: 35 g
Carbohydrates: 107.3 g
Fat: 20.2 g

Approximate nutritional value for 1 serving according to cronometer.com
Kcal 368
Protein: 17.5 g
Carbohydrates: 53.6 g
Fat: 10.1 g

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